Ylvis - 4-stjerners middag (English subtitles) Last ned

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  • 3. jan. 2014

  • Se hele episoder av I kveld med Ylvis på Dplay: http://bit.ly/IKveldMedYlvis Ylvis-brødrene og Calle lager en parodi på 4-stjerners middag med Marie Kinge og Dag Sørås. Fra I kveld med Ylvis sesong 1 på TVNorge. https://www.facebook.com/IkveldmedYLV... SBS Discovery © 2013


  • Aberchrome
    Aberchrome For 3 år siden

    Yes, they are drunk. Why do you think they subtitle norwegian to norwegian lol

  • Eirik Hauge
    Eirik Hauge For 4 år siden

    Snakka med Dag sørås på Haakonsvern da jeg var vernepliktig der å han hadde fremført et show... han sa at dette klippe ikke viser halvparten av vor gale det var :P

  • KazunoCamui
    KazunoCamui For 6 år siden

    "im so tired of my life" totally norwegian drunkisj

  • j.
    j. For 5 år siden

    I love when Bård is like "Hahahaha, SHUT UP!" and everyone starts laughing and Vegard just looks mildly hurt and confused for a moment, like, "wait, what's going on...? Oh, everybody's laughing...I guess I better laugh too...haha!"

  • Jark Wimbley
    Jark Wimbley For 6 år siden

    Vegard: It will be damn funny next time we meet...completely sober

  • Mina Harrison
    Mina Harrison For 5 år siden

    "Piano" oh man xD 

  • RoseeVeronique
    RoseeVeronique For 6 år siden

    Drunk Vegard is the cutest Vegard :3

  • HolandaChiquita
    HolandaChiquita For 4 år siden

    The best part of this (if it's even possible to decide) is when Vegard automatically reacts to what he hears: "Piano!"

  • startrekkin1701
    startrekkin1701 For 5 år siden

    it seems fitting that the only comforting thing that calle can say to bård while he is puking is "don't think of mayonnaise..." hahahah oh calle what a good friend

  • Krista Blendl
    Krista Blendl For 6 år siden

    They were a little bit drunk already from the beginning, right?

  • AbigailR84
    AbigailR84 For 6 år siden

    Haha at the end Bård has these huge pitiful eyes- "I will never do this again"- while Vegard has a big grin and thumbs up! Guess which brother is still just a bit drunk? :)

  • Aberchrome
    Aberchrome For 3 år siden (redigert)

    For those of you who wonder : In Norway there is a family show that invites 4 "celebrities" to make a dinner for each others, where they score the best out of 4 = quarter final show = Finals etc. This is not staged, a lot of families expected a nice dinner, but you know Ylvis.. Gotta love'em!

  • Derya Songur
    Derya Songur For 6 år siden

    I love how Vegard's shirt gets more and more unbuttoned as the night wears on

    ANGRYMARINE12 For 5 år siden


  • Kai Andreas Sørum Øgaard
    Kai Andreas Sørum Øgaard For 6 år siden


  • Kristina Ma
    Kristina Ma For 3 år siden

    "boy hug" this is the cutest thing ever

  • zhopatarakana
    zhopatarakana For 3 år siden (redigert)

    drunk Vegard actually sweeter than funny kittens videos on YouTube

  • Jessica Sitorus
    Jessica Sitorus For 6 år siden

    Calle laughing with food in his mouth unchewed

  • Jayna hop
    Jayna hop For 6 år siden

    Seeing the guys get drunk might be my favorite thing ever. And also this reminds me of my drunk kitchen. But more extreme. Adorable hahaha couldnt stop laughing!

  • Jazzmin Zandbergen
    Jazzmin Zandbergen For 5 år siden

    This whole video is awesome, but I really laughed the most when that Rein Alexander comes with his piano and vegard says "piano!" So funny!