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  • 24. sep. 2018

  • Compilation of the worst decisions in David Dobrik's recent vlogs!! Like the video if you enjoyed and subscribe for more!!


  • Ilayda S.
    Ilayda S. For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Sometimes I wonder how tf none of them have died yet...

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton For 6 md. siden

    Jonah was ahead of time with his haircut

  • Artifex SS
    Artifex SS For 10 md. siden

    “Should we shave his eyebrows?”

  • Estefani Evaristo
    Estefani Evaristo For 6 md. siden

    These aren’t the worst decisions ever, theses are the most stupidest decisions ever.

  • Nomnomnomiana
    Nomnomnomiana For 6 md. siden

    Suddenly the pee in the pool was the worst of his worries.

  • Miley Proplesch
    Miley Proplesch For 1 år siden

    Worst decisions in the vlogs.

  • BenjiWasHere
    BenjiWasHere For 1 år siden

    “What is the worst thing David has done to you?”

  • Cohen Funk
    Cohen Funk For 1 år siden

    New title: “Jonah’s bad decisions - Compilation”

  • Ahmad Adeeb Masalmah
    Ahmad Adeeb Masalmah For 6 md. siden

    Jonah never said america while in the air tho

  • evie
    evie For 1 år siden

    Why does whenever Alex wears the army outfit, he looks so hot 😍

  • MelatoninGummies
    MelatoninGummies For 1 år siden

    I swear one day they'll die for a video

  • alexis Talarico
    alexis Talarico For 1 år siden


  • Pakzzz Aloha
    Pakzzz Aloha For 10 md. siden

    And that’s why women lives longer than men 🤣

  • Pimpim
    Pimpim For 11 md. siden

    I feel bad for that guy that said “ye but he nailed it” at

  • wildride
    wildride For 11 md. siden


  • Patricia Quiblat
    Patricia Quiblat For 1 år siden

    Is it just me? Why do I feel like david’s a psychopath 😅

  • Hanna Shafik
    Hanna Shafik For 6 md. siden

    no one:

  • Skylar Antoniades
    Skylar Antoniades For 9 md. siden

    Looks at himself in the mirror and screamed

  • Amberly
    Amberly For 1 år siden


  • Isabelle Conklin
    Isabelle Conklin For 9 md. siden

    am i the only one who thinks Scott is literally the most gorgeous human being i've ever seen??