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  • 15. apr. 2009

  • What a difference C&R commercial


  • Maria Angulo
    Maria Angulo For 6 år siden

    Who remembers these commercials? I used to run to the TV when I would hear the jingle...lol

  • Mark Stevenson
    Mark Stevenson For 1 år siden

    I was first assistant on this shoot. Richard Noble is the director. We shot this in his studio in hollywood, I think around 1989 maybe 90. We used a high speed camera on a track with the studio wall in the background. We must have played that song 1000 times that day.

  • Spunkymunky
    Spunkymunky For 5 år siden

    When this commercial came on, all my sisters ran into the room.  And yes, my junior high graduation suit was from C&R.

  • vivian Jauregui
    vivian Jauregui For 6 år siden

    this was absolutely my favorite commercial of all time!! Especially the one with the firefighter!!!

  • Emma Enriquez
    Emma Enriquez For 4 år siden

    omg - I loved these commercials - yes the firefighter one was delightful too

  • Laura Aguirre
    Laura Aguirre For 8 år siden

    Be still my heart. My absolute favorite commercial of all time. Have to come back here every so often for a fix LOL!

  • jdeyemom
    jdeyemom For 9 år siden

    I used to run to the TV when I heard this song. There were multiple versions of the commercial and I would hope for a certain one

  • Greenkai3000
    Greenkai3000 For 7 år siden

    I remember these commercials, especially the one in French, and the one in Italian.

  • Monteros
    Monteros For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    My childhood was with the shyt, bcz we had men like this to come home to🤣💃💋

  • Karen Writes
    Karen Writes For 9 år siden

    To: jdeyemom, you sound just like me, I had my favorite too.

  • Eddie Anderson
    Eddie Anderson For 1 år siden

    24 little hours.... until EndGame!

  • Imma Faint
    Imma Faint For 7 md. siden

    Absolutely dreamy 😍😍😍

  • clevelandphil
    clevelandphil For 8 år siden

    Yes go from casual comfortable to stuffed shirt businessman. Definitely during the yuppie period.

  • Greenkai3000
    Greenkai3000 For 11 år siden

    I remember those commercials from way back . They had different kind of men in all sort of "uniforms" and then suits. Some ads had the same song in the background but in other languages. RARE that you found this...

  • Notary54
    Notary54 For 9 år siden

    I loved these commercials from back in the day! They need to update this for 2011!

  • 2200grl
    2200grl For 6 år siden

    Does anyone have the one in french ?

  • Dolcevita USA
    Dolcevita USA For 7 md. siden

    Iconic, both the C&R Clothiers along with the Taster Choice couple that aired about the same time...

  • launwatch
    launwatch For 10 år siden

    These commercials were THE BOMB!

  • Heather D
    Heather D For 2 år siden

    Does anyone know who sings this version?

  • ShadowChimp1
    ShadowChimp1 For 9 år siden

    Thumbs up if you remember this commercial and jingle from when you were still in diapers!