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  • 1. aug. 2008

  • W.A.S.P. - Wild Child with lyrics


  • Omer Sub
    Omer Sub For 6 år siden

    Who is still a wild child !? 

  • Louis Boyd
    Louis Boyd For 6 år siden

    Who cares about the genre, the song kicks ass either way.

  • pete sabourin
    pete sabourin For 7 år siden

    metal born and metal bred and when i die i,ll be metal dead

  • Jerek Smiley
    Jerek Smiley For 1 år siden

    Some chick back in my high school days sent me here to hear this for the first time, I can’t believe I was stupid enough to not hear the lyrics lol.

    ROBERT JOHN For 4 år siden

    AAAYYYYY! I'm still a wild child....30 years later!!!

  • George Pope
    George Pope For 4 år siden

    The pre-lyrics intro is pure WASP gold. . .

  • theRedShogun_125
    theRedShogun_125 For 6 år siden

    "I want you cause I'm gonna take you love from him And I'll touch your face and hot burning skin. No he'll never touch you like i do so look in my eyes and burn alive the truth!"

  • Derek Nashkawa
    Derek Nashkawa For 5 år siden

    Ahh so Reminds me of my youth,tapes,records,just getting excited when Ya first hear an album frm the 80's

  • aneesall
    aneesall For 9 år siden


  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera For 4 år siden

    badassary !!!

  • koutgeor22
    koutgeor22 For 10 år siden

    glory from greece!!!!!!!

  • bill peterson
    bill peterson For 6 år siden

    I RRIIIIIIIIIIIDE !!!!!!!!!!! Best intro ever

  • Nero Elred
    Nero Elred For 7 år siden

    I want her so bad that this song made me a wild child!

  • Mitzi73
    Mitzi73 For 8 år siden

    "naked heat machine, I want your love" will be inscribed on my tombstone when I die. Wasp rules!

  • Sara Morris
    Sara Morris For 4 år siden

    I'm a wild child

  • alex halford
    alex halford For 9 md. siden

    42 and still a wild child \m/

  • Dajana Vilovacki
    Dajana Vilovacki For 7 år siden

    ...and wild hearts can't be broken!!!

  • regetus
    regetus For 8 år siden

    This song is absolutely one of the best of W.A.S.P. ever. Same time awesome ballad and heavy enough as well. I bought my first wasp album when it came out to the shops back in the 80´s. Since that I have listened to WASP and also bought their upcoming albums at the 80´s. I should say an excellent band with awesome ballads and songs :)

  • Alan Mešanović
    Alan Mešanović For 6 år siden

    "A naked heat machine"! :)

  • Costel Nfs
    Costel Nfs For 3 år siden

    Only 1974 wild children on Earth? I can't believe that. There must be more!