W.A.S.P. - Wild Child (The Wraith Tribute) Last ned

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  • 3. des. 2016


  • Виктор Коренев
    Виктор Коренев For 7 md. siden

    Какое было время!!!! Какие были фильмы!!! Какая была музыка!!!! Не то что сейчас дерьмо одно.....

  • 𝑱𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒔 𝑯𝒂𝒎𝒎

    Extremely underrated movie. Just gave it a rewatch. Still glad I saw it as a kid.

  • Armando Júnior
    Armando Júnior For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    Before Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) returned from the afterlife to take his revenge, Jacob "Jake" Kesey (Charlie Shee) had already done his justice.

  • Josip Maly
    Josip Maly For 1 år siden

    1980's - best decade ever ! In human history!

  • Tommaso Vasta
    Tommaso Vasta For 1 år siden

    80s: coolest decade EVER.

  • Teemu Pitkänen
    Teemu Pitkänen For 2 år siden (redigert)

    I think most of people dont even know about this movie, but thanks for takin me back to simplier and happier times back in the eighties when i was teen :D , i actually used all my weekly allowance for 4 weeks to rent this movie in VHS to watch this on weekend with the girlfriend i had back then... And she didnt even like it .... needless to say we never got married :D

  • Smbdy Someone
    Smbdy Someone For 3 år siden

    I feel like i'm 15 again. Thanks))

  • Sheryl Cargle
    Sheryl Cargle For 5 md. siden

    Man, I’m grateful I got to experience the 80’s. Times were simple, the world was not going to shit where people believed in help they neighbor not hurt them.

    GABRIEL BEHD For 4 dager siden

    Here in quarantine listening to the best of rock 80s🎸♪

  • fatdepressedveg knight
    fatdepressedveg knight For 1 år siden

    From black and white silent movies from the 1920s till the mid 80s

  • babatanyatrue
    babatanyatrue For 5 md. siden

    млин, аж обратно захотелось в те года😢😊 музыка тогда за душу цепляла .... ностальгия.

  • Mark Bartlett
    Mark Bartlett For 4 md. siden

    I watched this movie on vhs til I wore the tape out I had to special order it on dvd cuz it wasnt in stores

  • twincamism
    twincamism For 4 md. siden

    это то время когда у девченок были свои настоящие сиськи )) а не силикон как сейчас.

  • Alex van de Burg
    Alex van de Burg For 3 år siden

    Damn, i want to watch that movie now.

  • Felipe Tavares
    Felipe Tavares For 3 dager siden


  • Pat Pino
    Pat Pino For 2 år siden

    God, blast from the past, so many good memories. Wish i could relive them, time sure does fly

  • Rachid Redondo
    Rachid Redondo For 1 år siden

    WASP and the Wraith movie, awsome man!!

  • neoasura
    neoasura For 1 år siden

    Dodge really slipped up not bringing out that Turbo Interceptor to the market.

  • JJ Robinson
    JJ Robinson For 1 år siden

    wild child , hey Charlie make a part two ,he gave the car to his brother at the end, so maybe he made some modification for 2020

  • Chris Porter
    Chris Porter For 10 md. siden

    Sheryln Fenn was so damn beautiful in this movie.