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  • 16. feb. 2017

  • A tune of undying love, a song on reassuring romance by Leon James. Sid Sriram and Neeti Mohan translate Ko Sesha's heartwarming lyrics into sheer magic with their mellifluous voices. Watch the official lyric video of "Verrattaama Verratturiye" from "Veera" starring Kreshna and Iswarya Menon here. Song Name - Verrattaama Verratturiye Movie - Veera Singer - Sid Sriram & Neeti Mohan Music - Leon James Lyrics - Ko Sesha Director - Rajaraman Starring - Kreshna, Iswarya Menon Producer - Elred Kumar Studio - R S Infotainment Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. © 2017 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Subscribe: Vevo - Like us: Facebook: Follow us: Twitter: G+:


  • Ko Sesha
    Ko Sesha For 3 år siden (redigert)

    Can't thank Leon enough for making me a part of yet another magical composition of his. Happy to have penned the lyrics for this love track, hope you guys like it :-)

  • Saravanan krishnan
    Saravanan krishnan For 3 år siden

    Verattama Veratturiye Nee

  • Leon James
    Leon James For 3 år siden (redigert)

    | Here's "Verrattaama Verratturiye" from "Veera" featuring Sid Sriram and Neeti Mohan penned by Ko Sesha.

  • Naga S
    Naga S For 4 md. siden

    Anyone hearing this song 2020 😍 one of my fav song. Soulful music ♥️♥️

  • Anonymous Commenter
    Anonymous Commenter For 3 år siden (redigert)

    When Sid says, "nee vendum naan Vazha...." I just float to heaven

  • vini mathew
    vini mathew For 2 år siden

    itz been 2 years.. and i am still crazy on this song as I had been the first time I heard it 3

  • Guna Editz Channel
    Guna Editz Channel For 2 år siden

    "Vearattaama verratturiye " such a wonder full song ...sid Sri ram Unga voice Aaduchukera Aalea I'll a... So cute u r voice ...

  • L J 97
    L J 97 For 1 år siden

    Anyone in 2019? Beautiful song

  • Punithan Puni
    Punithan Puni For 1 år siden

    Semme love song😘😘😘i really love this song .....♥️♥️♥️when i listern this song feel love mood

  • Pavin 0000
    Pavin 0000 For 1 år siden

    Who love this song give me a like 😍

  • Unknown _18
    Unknown _18 For 1 år siden

    My one of The favorite song this

  • Shivaansh Rain
    Shivaansh Rain For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    Haha while listening to this music.. Lying on my bed with a book..

  • Sandhya R
    Sandhya R For 3 år siden

    Lovely tune + amazing lyrics = touches the heart!! Sure to be addicted

  • Kanaga Raj
    Kanaga Raj For 1 år siden

    Verattamaveratturiye endha songal😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐🌘🌸🌼😘😘😻💞💞❣💖💘

  • Az az
    Az az For 7 md. siden

    Anyone 2020👌

  • Kesavan Sagaratis
    Kesavan Sagaratis For 3 år siden

    Enakellam Adiye Ini NEETHANEE....always repeating this in heart...

  • Dorison Anjalish
    Dorison Anjalish For 1 år siden

    Who all are come here for Sid's magical Voice 💕 hit Like ❤

  • Karthik Shammugam
    Karthik Shammugam For 1 md. siden

    nice and good song....the song make me feel good.i put down my stresss on the side.....covid time

  • Preethi Preethi
    Preethi Preethi For 5 md. siden

    Lovely lyrics fav me

    MANAZEER MASOON For 3 år siden

    amazing composition