UFC 249: Weigh-in Last ned

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  • 8. mai 2020

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  • Billy Dallas
    Billy Dallas For 6 md. siden (redigert)

    *Justin Gaethjie beats Tony Ferguson

  • Conservative Tears
    Conservative Tears For 6 md. siden

    Jeremy "hardest hitting 150.5 pounder" Stephens

  • Berserker Greezy
    Berserker Greezy For 6 md. siden

    Tony ferguson : "have fun on my undercard"

  • RaisedontheRadio
    RaisedontheRadio For 6 md. siden

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to tell the “5 seconds” lady not to interrupt him

  • Sumo Wrestler
    Sumo Wrestler For 6 md. siden

    donald looks like he was sunbathing in a tanktop at the beach when they called him up and told him there was a fight

  • Any Means
    Any Means For 6 md. siden

    tony to verdum: have fun fighting in my undercard :)

  • MLE
    MLE For 6 md. siden

    I've never seen a body type like Dominic Cruz. So oddly proportioned

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard For 6 md. siden

    Donald "i dont wanna be here" cerrone

  • Symz
    Symz For 6 md. siden (redigert)

    Alvey always look in and out of shape at the same time...

  • Darren Parkin
    Darren Parkin For 6 md. siden

    Werdums body looks like he's slowly melting

  • David Lynn
    David Lynn For 6 md. siden

    Damn Donald looks like he already got in a fight

  • Beachboytyler
    Beachboytyler For 6 md. siden

    Every time the weigh ins always look like crack heads getting ready to fight 😂

  • Challenger
    Challenger For 6 md. siden

    Tony to the echoes in a cave "Hold on brother, i'm talking here"

    LIVING VILLAINS For 6 md. siden

    who wants Cruz to win?

  • PictureMeRollin 96
    PictureMeRollin 96 For 6 md. siden

    Sam alvey looks like wonderboys dad lol

  • T Rex
    T Rex For 6 md. siden

    Photographer lady: 5 secs To...

  • Steven White
    Steven White For 6 md. siden

    Did they say 150 for Jeremy dam dude should have to give up 50 percent of that purse

  • viopsadmin
    viopsadmin For 6 md. siden

    Hey Tony, I want to talk to you...

  • Claudia D'Orio
    Claudia D'Orio For 6 md. siden

    Cerrone and Werdum look like they just have had enough.

  • Jimmy Henigan
    Jimmy Henigan For 6 md. siden

    Really hope dom pulls it off