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  • 24. apr. 2020

  • On today’s episode of Verified: At Home, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, singer-songwriter Troye Sivan returns for his fourth Verified from his home in Melbourne to break down the meaning of his new single, “Take Yourself Home.” Check back every weekday for new episodes of Verified. Listen to Troye Sivan on Apple Music: Millions of songs. Zero ads. No commitment. Try Apple Music: Read more on Genius: Read all the lyrics to "Take Yourself Home" on Genius: Subscribe to Genius: Genius on Twitter: Genius on Instagram: Genius on Facebook: #TroyeSivan #TakeYourselfHome #AppleMusicXGenius


  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful For 4 md. siden

    Every time I see Troye, it makes me feel just..

  • Eve Gates
    Eve Gates For 4 md. siden

    Troye Sivan just makes me feel like I’m 14 again

  • {Journey }
    {Journey } For 4 md. siden

    He doesnt make one bad song ngl

  • Lifeline
    Lifeline For 4 md. siden

    Verified at home is not that bad

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany Nicole For 4 md. siden

    can we talk about how he looked like he aged backwards like 7 years in this video???

  • Ysabella Y.
    Ysabella Y. For 4 md. siden

    part of me thinks that Take Yourself Home is the full-circle moment or like much-needed conclusion to the story that Troye laid out in Suburbia (and a bit of Ease and Fools too)

  • Being Zombie Made it
    Being Zombie Made it For 4 md. siden

    He didn’t blink at the end and said bouyyyyyy

  • Ash
    Ash For 4 md. siden

    WHY does he look like teenage youtuber troye what the heck

  • elise castro
    elise castro For 4 md. siden

    seeing troye back home makes me feel like i’m twelve years old again.

  • Laurent Aimee
    Laurent Aimee For 4 md. siden

    this is what i called “drop dead gorgeous”

  • fadel maulana
    fadel maulana For 4 md. siden

    Imagine "freddie mercury bohemian rhapsody official lyric and meaning"

  • Rae Morg
    Rae Morg For 4 md. siden

    I will forever stan Troye because he will forever be the same genuine person that seems to forget that he’s an icon.

  • Walida Haque
    Walida Haque For 4 md. siden

    this emotional issue is actually very relevant to a lot of youths and most of the youths just ignore and forget, get on with life, but I.m really glad someone actually talks about it.

  • Zoe Guzman
    Zoe Guzman For 4 md. siden

    U ever just sit on a chair and realize ur sitting on a chair and that someone else in the world at the same time is sitting on a chair and the chair might be the same chair ur sitting on and maybe that chair is a holy chair but no one knows it and that chair might save humanity?

  • Gerön-Zitrön
    Gerön-Zitrön For 4 md. siden

    He's so sweet, such an angel, so pure, so perfect, calming and soothing my soul. Seeing him in this difficult time just makes everything better. Thank you for existing and being such a genuine, authentic person Troye. Take yourself home is just such a good song. Man. I love you and I hope that one day I can see you live. I'll be waiting to scream because I'm always with you 3 Love from Germany babe 3

  • kria allison
    kria allison For 4 md. siden

    so we're all in agreement that we scream at the concert yes

  • kd charles
    kd charles For 4 md. siden

    Troye's Take yourself home is A BOP

  • Aleas s
    Aleas s For 4 md. siden

    me when I saw Troye: “TROYEEEEEEEEEE”

  • Kei
    Kei For 4 md. siden

    this made me miss youtuber troye from 2014 damn

  • checkmqtes
    checkmqtes For 4 md. siden

    i found out about troye w youth in 2016 and i’m so glad i did! i love him so much he’s such a precious human being 🥰