Travis Scott - HIGHEST IN THE ROOM at Rolling Loud Last ned

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  • 12. okt. 2019

  • #TravisScott #RollingLoud


  • ArvaOfficial
    ArvaOfficial For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    He must have fell from the room ..

  • Salomon Solis
    Salomon Solis For 10 md. siden

    How much auto yes?

  • Oscar Ventura
    Oscar Ventura For 10 md. siden

    Travis: Yes

  • Tupapáenboxer.
    Tupapáenboxer. For 10 md. siden

    How much travis?

  • Jeffrey Perez
    Jeffrey Perez For 10 md. siden

    How long should the intro be?

  • reverb
    reverb For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    everyone who likes this loves little girls

  • EX30
    EX30 For 10 md. siden

    How much auto tune?

  • sir georgio alastrata
    sir georgio alastrata For 10 md. siden

    I thought this was a meme

  • Timothy Bogush
    Timothy Bogush For 8 md. siden

    Police: how much did u smoke

  • Sajin GameR
    Sajin GameR For 8 md. siden

    Can u give me ur email i want tall to u

  • Alex Jeon
    Alex Jeon For 10 md. siden

    What happened to his leg ? Did he break his knee at that show

  • cesarm206
    cesarm206 For 10 md. siden

    I was there and was disappointed by the crowd, no real ragers

  • Jaz
    Jaz For 10 md. siden

    People be really looking at their phone during the show 💀💀

  • FTFgamer
    FTFgamer For 10 md. siden

    This sounds like the "Indian Remix"

  • Hector T
    Hector T For 8 md. siden


  • PROD.5
    PROD.5 For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    i thought the beginning was a muchdank edit

    BRAYAN BAEZ LIMONAR For 10 md. siden

    I don’t even listen to Travis Scott but after this video I feel like changing my decision😭😭

  • ishan singh
    ishan singh For 8 md. siden

    he didn't use autotune

  • Jhk
    Jhk For 10 md. siden

    This crowd is lame asf if they came to Houston we would have them begging for air and water

  • Hidren Years
    Hidren Years For 10 md. siden