Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: Astronomical (Full Event Video) Last ned

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  • 26. apr. 2020

  • THE SCOTTS - OUT NOW: OFFICIAL STORE: Astronomical is an other-worldly experience by Travis Scott and Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite. Watch the full event experience now. Featuring the songs: SICKO MODE HIGHEST IN THE ROOM goosebumps STARGAZING THE SCOTTS (P) 2020 Epic Records. With Cactus Jack / Wicked Awesome. #TravisScott #KidCudi #FORTNITE #ASTRONOMICAL #THESCOTTS #FortniteTravisScottEvent


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  • magickman152
    magickman152 For 2 dager siden

    This is the only way you'll see a decent Concert from Travis Scott where he's not trying to catch his breath and mumbling unintelligibly for an hour on stage...

  • Maddie Russell
    Maddie Russell For 2 dager siden

    everyone and anyone: omg travis scott came out with the new travis scott burger! imma be the first to post it

  • Dankious Prime
    Dankious Prime For 1 uke siden

    The travis scott burger will be a part of history forever.

  • Pr0d1gy D4ni3l
    Pr0d1gy D4ni3l For 2 dager siden (redigert)

    Mcdonald's Employee: Welcome to McDonald's what may I get for you today

    RMB SKATES For 4 md. siden

    Every event before this looks like a huge HUGE joke

  • Kronicle101
    Kronicle101 For 1 dag siden

    I just HAD TO WATCH THIS AGAIN. One of the single best moments of my life.

  • Vexx
    Vexx For 1 dag siden

    Like back in the old days s2-s5 was when it was good but then I just stopped playing bc it got repetitive and old and only 9 yr olds play it.

  • Only Karamellah
    Only Karamellah For 1 dag siden

    People complaining about the bts event when it didnt come out i dont like bts but give them a chance

  • Dominic Brandt Outdoors
    Dominic Brandt Outdoors For 1 dag siden

    If this was a vr game then we'd be talking

  • Kany
    Kany For 4 md. siden

    Fortnite: Lets give him the stage

  • 1000 subs with no video Challenge

    Let's see, how many people are listening to this song in September 2020..

    XTENX For 1 dag siden

    Estuvo bomba, la rompió Ozuna

  • Fruit_Loops 189
    Fruit_Loops 189 For 3 dager siden

    Marshmello: I had the best fortnite event of all time!

  • Tiffany Orellana
    Tiffany Orellana For 1 uke siden

    Im not a fortnite player but............

  • Keviin
    Keviin For 4 md. siden

    In my 28 years of playing games I've never experienced something like this before, its truly amazing what they have done for the fortnite community. Imagine this with VR :0

  • Andrey Stiven Vasquez Valenzuela

    Like si ves esto siendo español

  • Jordanzz Torbisco
    Jordanzz Torbisco For 1 dag siden

    They call him the Naughty in the fortnite community

  • Kevin Nava
    Kevin Nava For 1 dag siden

    I don’t play Fortnite anymore cause they are way to much A.I’d so it got really boring and only played when there is events but when watching this with my friends over a discord call. We all freaked out. It was so amazing and insane. Hands down without hesitation the best Event in Fortnite. Love this so much I can still rewatch this a bunch of times.

  • Evelyn’s Vlogs and More
    Evelyn’s Vlogs and More For 2 dager siden (redigert)

    Bruh we need a lit one like this they got these lame ass ones we need him again 😔!!!