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  • 9. mai 2020

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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering For 4 md. siden

    Yes, the title is intended to draw in the conspiracy theorists. Clickbait for the greater good. While you are here, Real Science just released a fantastic video on the challenges surrounding Covid-19 testing. It taught me a lot about how viral tests work and why we are struggling to keep up:

  • Kristoffer Johnsen
    Kristoffer Johnsen For 4 md. siden

    Fun fact: When street lamps were introduced, people opposed them because they thought they would cause madness.

  • justinblin
    justinblin For 2 md. siden

    5g towers can be extremely deadly to humans. If it falls on your head, you will probably die.

  • Re Rose
    Re Rose For 1 dag siden (redigert)

    The explanation given on how 5G isn't dangerous is not complete, and is misleading. There have been a number of reputable studies reported in scientific journals over the past 15 or so years showing how EM radiation in the RF range interacts with biological tissue in ways other than heating. Cellular components such as DNA molecules and some proteins interact with some RF frequencies, using the energy to reconfigure (i.e., become reversibly distorted, or irreversibly denatured) instead of heating. One of the researchers in this field is Prof. Martin Blank (Columia Univ). When this interaction occurs, the cell undergoes changes, most notably in the progression and control of the cell cycle. This does not have an immediate effect but rather causes damage that accumulates over decades, resulting in increases in oncogenesis across tissue types. This sort of damage is diffucult to correlate with exposre to RF, but mechanisitic models show the inteaction of particular RF frequencies (including the milliwave band) with biological molecules, impairing their function. Government standards only measure SAR, which measures heating (heat absorbed by tissue per unit area). Exposure to RF over time will cause populatiion-wide increases in cancer rates in the general public. Sad but mechanistically true.

  • availablehage
    availablehage For 3 uker siden

    Everybody gangsta till solar storm comes

  • Bah bah
    Bah bah For 2 md. siden

    We don't need a 5g network. We need a 5g peace on this oval planet.

  • Putin did nothing wrong.
    Putin did nothing wrong. For 4 md. siden

    “Its the golden age of information, and the golden age of ignorance, intelligence and blatant stupidity go hand in hand”

  • Saul Fochte
    Saul Fochte For 1 uke siden

    I am not concerned by the tech, I am concerned by what the data collected will enable the govt to do in terms of surveillance. The tech is harmless the mofos who gather the data are the threat.

  • Spyros G
    Spyros G For 1 uke siden

    Back at university (early '00s) I wrote a dissertation where I argued that the internet would bring an end to misinformation, on the basis that anyone could research everything so readily and quickly, and find out what's misinformation and what's true. I got a 2-1 out of that...

  • MacMic333
    MacMic333 For 8 timer siden

    Military Active Denial Systems= mm waveband crowd control💰

  • William L.
    William L. For 1 dag siden

    what could possibly go wrong?/

  • Me DotOrg
    Me DotOrg For 4 md. siden

    As a lizard person, I am offended by the suggestion that we are somehow responsible for 5g. Lizard People are responsible for LG.

  • John Santos
    John Santos For 3 dager siden

    Bold and interesting. I can understand your point of view based on the engineering perspective, but I would leave the health/medical aspect to the experts on that field. I am just normal consumer. I just want more research be done on the safety and/or guidelines of the technology. Profit is the main driver these days...

  • Thomas OConnell
    Thomas OConnell For 5 timer siden

    I'm not drinking that Kool-Aid! jk

  • Corby Sloan
    Corby Sloan For 3 md. siden

    The microwave oven used to be called a RADAR Range.

  • Vincent
    Vincent For 1 uke siden

    For 6G, you’ll have to live inside a microwave oven

  • 77777Spooky
    77777Spooky For 4 md. siden

    "Magic or math or something."

    ACNOISE For 16 timer siden


  • Kosmonarrat
    Kosmonarrat For 1 md. siden

    The Information/Misinformation Age

  • Homesteader Workouts
    Homesteader Workouts For 1 uke siden

    I honestly think that most consumers don't need 5G. I can stream a high quality clip or movie just fine with 4G. 5G applications only really make sense for business.