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  • 22. okt. 2017

  • MERCH: Support us on Patreon (please): Want to know how I make these videos? I use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Get them here - Copyright disclaimer - We do not give anyone permission to translate and/or reupload our videos or designs on YouTube or other social media platforms. -------------------------------------------------------------------- IMAGES: World Map NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto Stöckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds). Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation). Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights). Creative Commons Images: Vatican Alter 2 by Patrick Landy ( Flag of Spain by HansenBCN ( Village People by Mario Casciano ( Galtieri by Presidencia de la Nación Argentina ( Camouflage pattern texture by Joe Weisman ( Margaret Thatcher by Chris Collins Iron by Rob Lavinsky ( Copper by Jonathan Zander ( Magnesium by Warut Roonguthai ( SS Canberra by David Excoffier ( Atlantic Conveyer by Darren Hillman ( Falkland Islands Panorama by Alex Petrenko ( GFDL Images: Bourbonic Flag by Durero ( All sound effects licensed under Creative Commons ( fire crackling by daenerys Source: Waves by juskiddink Source: Seagulls Atmos by Eelke Source: Pencil, Writing, Close, A by InspectorJ Source: Boxing Bell 1 by Benboncan Source: Bamboo Swing, C3 by InspectorJ Source: Til With Bell by Benboncan Source: Cattle Brethe by luyinshi6656 Source: Sheep in field by soundmary Source: Synthesized Explosion 04 by RSilveira_88 Source: All music licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 ( or 3.0( Faceoff by Kevin MacLeod Source: Artist: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys Kevin MacLeod ( I Knew a Guy by Kevin MacLeod Source: Artist: Enchanted Journey by Kevin MacLeod Source: Artist: Investigations by Kevin MacLeod Source: Artist: Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod ( Court of the Queen - Music to Delight Source: Artist: The Chamber Kevin MacLeod ( The Voyage The Voyage by Audionautix Artist: Dark Mystery Dark Mystery by Audionautix Artist: Earth Prelude by Kevin MacLeod Source: Artist: BTS Prolog by Kevin MacLeod Source: Artist:


  • Volpe Where Are You
    Volpe Where Are You For 3 md. siden

    "Plus oil was recently found near the island."

  • Rodrigo Rodriguez
    Rodrigo Rodriguez For 3 md. siden

    Small useless island:

  • Amartya Biswas
    Amartya Biswas For 2 md. siden

    "Cold, wet and miserable. Just like home"

  • mikel nachtergaele
    mikel nachtergaele For 3 md. siden


  • Ben Fitzgearald
    Ben Fitzgearald For 1 år siden

    my dad is English and my mother in argentine, yeah family gatherings are really great.

  • KR The Car Guy
    KR The Car Guy For 5 dager siden

    Britain: Wanna hear a joke?

  • Peter Stamatiou
    Peter Stamatiou For 3 md. siden

    75% of the comments are about the USA wanting oil or the UK wanting a useless rock and I’m not disappointed...

  • Sailor of the Internet
    Sailor of the Internet For 3 md. siden

    "The first task for the british was to gain control of the seas, which they did easily"

  • Shadowz
    Shadowz For 3 md. siden

    Argentina: “hopefully they won’t fight back”

  • Lime Toast
    Lime Toast For 5 md. siden

    "Plus oil was just found near the island"

  • Juan Francisco GONZALEZ
    Juan Francisco GONZALEZ For 2 md. siden

    Islands: exist

  • Thirsty AF
    Thirsty AF For 3 md. siden

    "The Empire strikes back."

  • Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt For 5 md. siden (redigert)


  • Creative Engineer
    Creative Engineer For 3 md. siden

    Some advice

  • Can I get 50k with videos?
    Can I get 50k with videos? For 11 md. siden

    Uk: finds oil

  • Ari V
    Ari V For 5 md. siden

    But OverSimplified, the British didn’t discover the Falklands, the Vikings did

  • Astra
    Astra For 5 md. siden

    Oversimplified: Oil was just found near the islands-

  • Ezequiel Di Pierro
    Ezequiel Di Pierro For 2 md. siden

    Well, as argentinian i think this war was nonsense and very stupid.

  • comrade commie
    comrade commie For 3 md. siden

    America throughout a good portion of WW2 is able to easily be summarized as:

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect For 9 md. siden

    Imagine being one of the 3 guys who voted to be in Argentina