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  • 20. jun. 2015

  • So a lot of my viewers have asked for help on doing specific challenges and figured I would take a stab at these again. If this helped and you enjoyed it be sure to let me know. As always for future Isaac content be sure to subscribe and leave a like, it helps me in ways. :) Follow me on Twitter for Youtube Updates - Daily Livestreams at - Facebook thing -


  • Russell Murzenski
    Russell Murzenski For 5 år siden

    Thank you so much for this, couldn't figure out how to do this for my life

  • Michael Ferger
    Michael Ferger For 5 år siden

    I'm really liking these challenge guides. Keep it up rooLove

  • deathpyre42
    deathpyre42 For 5 år siden

    Side note: the jump button has some really weird and janky interactions with the hairball, which can be used to great effect.

  • CheeseGaming27
    CheeseGaming27 For 5 år siden

    i would love to see you doing challenges

  • Dylan Reid
    Dylan Reid For 5 år siden

    Computer savvy 2 hard how I do it? (I'm kidding btw, that is way to easy :P)

  • Nnoitrum
    Nnoitrum For 5 år siden

    Youtube's taking pretty long with the processing lately...

  • Eric Heydenreich
    Eric Heydenreich For 5 år siden

    Thanks for unloading these challenge vids, tried this one last night and I had no luck.

  • Hatterpatter
    Hatterpatter For 5 år siden

    In this challenge I always try to get the baby that shoots automatically when near enemies or little Steven

  • Mr Multi
    Mr Multi For 5 år siden

    Challenge: Start as Isaac with D100. You have to use D100 when ever you can!

  • Medli_
    Medli_ For 5 år siden

    For the next challenge can you do 'head trauma' I've been having a lot of problems with that challenge.

  • peytonhawk
    peytonhawk For 5 år siden

    I somehow beat this on my first try because I got a bandage ball from pestilence and had a dead cat and gimpy. I got really lucky because I normally suck

  • Garry Sutcliffe
    Garry Sutcliffe For 5 år siden

    Found this harder than the lost XD

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez For 5 år siden

    Great video helped me a ton. Custom challenges sound awesome rooHYPE

  • Hellraizers2
    Hellraizers2 For 5 år siden

    If you do do the challenges (Which would be cool) use the "Isaac Character Editor 3.1" I have used it and it works

  • Stringedmermaid
    Stringedmermaid For 5 år siden

    Do a challenge where you have to pick everything up

  • Gale
    Gale For 5 år siden

    Custom challenges seem cool :D

  • kingsuo
    kingsuo For 5 år siden

    I did this last night managed to find mini brim and just face rolled through it easy

  • Noaah Smallley
    Noaah Smallley For 5 år siden

    custom challenges seem interesting i would defo watch

  • CaperRee
    CaperRee For 5 år siden

    What item gives you the ability to "facetank" rooms with your dark hearts?

  • BaIIu
    BaIIu For 5 år siden

    Potential challenge run : Bomberman