THAPPAD TRAILER: Taapsee Pannu | Anubhav Sinha | Bhushan Kumar | Releasing 28 February 2020 Last ned

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  • 30. jan. 2020

  • Gulshan Kumar, T-Series and Benaras Mediaworks Production presents the official trailer of upcoming bollywood movie of 2020 ‘Thappad’ starring Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati in lead roles. The film is directed By Anubhav Sushila Sinha and is produced by Bhushan Sudesh Kumar , Krishan Krishna Kumar and Anubhav Sushila Sinha. #ThappadTrailer Thappad is a relationship story of Amrita whose seemingly perfect life is shattered with a slap. But is one slap enough to question what a relationship stands for? Should a slap shake up her trust or is a Thappad 'Bas Itni Si Baat'? 🎬 Thappad Releasing on ►28 February 2020 --------------------------------------------------------------- 🎬Movie Credits Directed By: Anubhav Sushila Sinha Produced By: Bhushan Sudesh Kumar , Krishan Krishna Kumar and Anubhav Sushila Sinha Written By: Anubhav Sushila Sinha & Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul Script Consultant : Anjum Rajabali Executive Producer : Sagar Vaishali Shirgaonkar CFO Benaras Media Works: Dhrub Draupadi Dubey Co Producer (T-Series): Vinod Jamnaben Bhanushali President-Global Digital Business & Legal: (T-Series) Neeraj Veena Kalyan Senior Vice President Films(T-Series): Shiv Urmila Chanana Project Manager(T-Series): Alok Gunwati Shukla DOP: Soumik Sarmila Mukherjee Associate Director: Vikhyaat Geeta Sareen Edito:r Yasha Pushpa Ramchandani Production Design: Nikhil Kshipra Kovale Background Score: Mangesh Urmila Dhakde Costume Stylist: Vishakha Vidya Kullarwar Make Up & Hair Designer: Jyotika Mirpuri Aroura Line Producers :Amit J Chaudhary, Arun Singh Dikky (Lko) Senior Accounts Manager :Sofia Asha Menezes Colorist :Tushar K Jadhav Color By: Redchillies.Colour Re-Recording Mixer:Anuj Sudha Mathur (Yrf Studios) Mixing Studio: Yrf Studios Vfx Studio: Visualbirds Studio Vfx Supervisor: Amit Aarti Malviya Post Production: Shilpan Veena Vyas Casting Director: Nandini Shrikent & Karan Mally Media Consultants: Spice Marketing Director: Trigger Max Publicity Design: Ma-Th (Marching Ants) Visual Promotions: Trigger Happy Digital Ads & Innovation:Trigger Edge ___________________________________ Enjoy & stay connected with us! 👉 Subscribe to T-Series: 👉 Like us on Facebook: 👉Follow us on Twitter: 👉 Follow us on Instagram:


  • T-Series
    T-Series For 7 md. siden

    When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve.

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel For 7 md. siden

    Tapsee : women's issue

  • Smitha Sasi
    Smitha Sasi For 3 md. siden

    These comments are motivating.. I am a victim of domestic violence. I witnessed my father beating my mother many times. Verbal abuse is more than words. She suffered in silence just for us. For me and my brother. When my brother stopped him from beating her he faced him with his physical strength. And told everyone that he is someone who don’t have respect towards parents.After that he never intervened in their fights. I did try to stop him once and my father stopped talking to me about four to five months. Emotionally we both became unstable it’s still affecting our social life. Now I my mother is 65 and he did the same . This time I could not bear it anymore I came out from the house with my mother. All our neighbours our father’s relatives accusing me that I did it because I am proud of my career and wealth. But I know I did it because I wanted to save my mother from that hell .

  • anosjc
    anosjc For 4 md. siden

    She realised after the Thappad that essentially she's just a maid living in a big house after marriage.

  • demo slayer xd
    demo slayer xd For 3 dager siden

    if kids did this, almost every single indian child would be an orphan by now

  • Sha
    Sha For 4 md. siden

    The girl who played the Maid's role also did it beautifully. She has played other movies like Soni. Really great actor. Geetika Vidya Ohlan

  • Jidnyeshwar Kamde
    Jidnyeshwar Kamde For 7 md. siden

    We don't slap our parents when our emotions are high... Because we know our limits... But if we slap our wives... Then that clears that we think this is our right... And we know what...? that is wrong... 👋

  • ampersand
    ampersand For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    I think the "thappad" was more a metaphor throughout the movie. It actually portrayed this sense of entitlement, the patriarchy. The hota hai, chalta hai attitude, move on. The indifference and the lack of empathy shown by her mother-in-law right after the incident, by himself - justifying his actions as an outcome of anger and disappointment. Her brother being ditto. I don't know if anybody else noticed, but the husband never apologized or showed remorse for that incident until the very end. And that was the real "thappad".

  • Ayesha Khalid
    Ayesha Khalid For 5 md. siden

    The thing is that many people say that if women start fighting over these kinds of issues then the divorce rate will increase and our society will become broken like western society but while saying this they put all the burden of keeping a marriage intact on the shoulder of women. So if wives keep tolerating their's husband's abusive attitude then the relationship will be saved and the children will not suffer from a broken house. The sad thing is that women do this as on the one side, they care about their children more than their husbands and on the other side, they know that the stain of the divorcee will be on them and neither society nor their own family (parents, siblings, other relatives) will support them in this decision. This is a movie about slap but countless women bear verbal slaps from their husbands each day when they use abusive language with them that is not less degrading than a slap. Why do a man vent our his frustration or anger on his wife, why not on their bosses? Because they know in the latter case, the repercussions will be high while wives are an easy targets.

  • aditi mishra
    aditi mishra For 4 md. siden

    The kind of support amrita's father gave her is something that every women requires and that's what makes the movie more beautiful.

  • Hannah Lucas
    Hannah Lucas For 1 md. siden

    The fact that one girl's story inspired everyone from her lawyer to the maid in her house, shows that a drop is all it takes to make a ripple!

  • usman arif
    usman arif For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    When i was young i used to have anger management issues. Once my younger sister was misbehaving with me and wasn't stopping. she was shouting continuously. It was so frustrating that i slapped her just to make her quite... I still remember those 7 days of my life, when my dad got to know i slapped my sister he stopped talking to me, stopped looking at me, stopped responding to my voice, even stopped eating with me on the same table. He asked my mom to serve me food separately. I heard him saying "I can't sit and eat with someone who dares to raise his hand on women". Whenever my father got angry before he always expressed his anger at me in his heavy voice but this time his silence was like a torture. After a week of such treatment i went to him sat on my knees and apologized for my mistake. This was the toughest lesson of my life and i am glad my father gave such lesson. I never raised my hand on anyone after that.

  • Roopa Peruri
    Roopa Peruri For 3 md. siden

    This happen only in movies.... In real life a woman can't go for divorce... Reason 1. Children 2. Financial problems 3. No support from family 4. Society.. Once we marry a wrong person, we have to suffer our entire life...😔 We become maid in our own house

  • MsA
    MsA For 4 md. siden

    Wow! For the first time in the Bollywood they've managed to show that it's not ok to hit. Idk how many of our favorite actors have been seen playing an "angry young man's" role and have made slapping a girl look cool. Finally! Thanks for showing that it never was and never is cool or macho to hit women or anyone!! Well done! 🙏👍😊

  • Rajnish Tiwari
    Rajnish Tiwari For 1 dag siden

    Her acting is pathetic i swear. Doesn't deserve serious roles like this one yet..

  • Adil Alfa
    Adil Alfa For 2 md. siden

    I am 28yr old male. My mom was forcing me to marry. Then I showed her this movie. She dont push me anymore.

  • Sathvik S kumar
    Sathvik S kumar For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    Being a guy , I can share my own view!

  • Sunil Nagavelli
    Sunil Nagavelli For 2 md. siden

    I admired every character's performance, Not even a single boredom scene.

  • Kamal Kiran Swain
    Kamal Kiran Swain For 1 md. siden

    I had an uncomfortable experience watching this movie in theatres.

  • Shruti Singh
    Shruti Singh For 1 md. siden

    This is complete package movie. They show 7 different stories in a single movie. Hatts off to the makers. This movie is showing real pain of every women from which they are suffering without telling anyone. But Amrita(Tapsee Pannu) shows courage and fought for respect.🌼