Tequila boom, Crazy russians Last ned

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  • 1. mar. 2015


  • Frost&Fire
    Frost&Fire For 1 år siden

    This is why I love Russians they know how to party

  • Antonius Martinus
    Antonius Martinus For 1 år siden

    This lad just went to Chernobyl & back xD

  • Joe Griego
    Joe Griego For 3 år siden

    Well, if the liquor doesnt do it, the concussion definely will

  • Redonda Sandoval Alejandro
    Redonda Sandoval Alejandro For 1 år siden

    Those shots can be called the Infinity gems by the way, Tequila is a good idea when you wanna drink someting warmer in your throat, greetings from Mexico City :)

  • Lucem
    Lucem For 3 år siden

    Some Soviet soldiers probably made this game up.

  • Andres Lippay
    Andres Lippay For 2 md. siden

    Y yo preguntandome...

  • Burak Tezcan
    Burak Tezcan For 3 år siden

    kardeş kafama geldi napıyon

  • Berkay Yayla
    Berkay Yayla For 3 år siden

    vay a mk !!!

  • Mesut Cengiz
    Mesut Cengiz For 10 md. siden


  • Alp Olcay Mis
    Alp Olcay Mis For 2 år siden

    Rusyaya gidicem net

  • Khương Truong
    Khương Truong For 2 år siden

    How to make it???

  • Bruno del Mar
    Bruno del Mar For 1 år siden

    10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1...K.O. 🙅

  • Глеб Сандрас
    Глеб Сандрас For 4 år siden

    were is it?