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  • 27. feb. 2011

  • I tell you what, adventure club have got several banging remixes made. Check out their channel for some more! http://www.youtube.com/user/adventure... DUB2DNB HD 2010


  • Caleb Modzeleski
    Caleb Modzeleski For 3 år siden

    now this is real dub, bring the wobble back

  • anonymous_girl
    anonymous_girl For 4 år siden

    How could I forget about this song. I've always loved it ♡

  • mariblueberry111
    mariblueberry111 For 7 år siden

    1:09 i start to go back in time

  • Thanachot Pimpa
    Thanachot Pimpa For 2 md. siden

    Does this song have copyright?

  • Drunken Racoon
    Drunken Racoon For 6 år siden

    I lost my love and now i will use my hand

  • Brian Santiago
    Brian Santiago For 8 år siden

    8===D~~ --> O-:

  • Drakkiore
    Drakkiore For 3 år siden

    NOSTALGIAAA go hard

  • HylianRezzi
    HylianRezzi For 8 år siden

    0:36 broke my damn headphones.... x.X...

  • sam g
    sam g For 7 år siden


  • MichaelFmk Samonte
    MichaelFmk Samonte For 9 år siden

    1:10-2:10 = definition of a beatdown :❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ♡ ✗ ✘ ⊗ ♒ Ω ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ ♢ ♤ ♡ ♧ ✦ ✧

  • Dylan Lundgren
    Dylan Lundgren For 7 år siden

    2:10 best switch from dubb af to song ever!

  • Azùcar al gusto
    Azùcar al gusto For 7 md. siden

    alguien mas por sound cloud ?

  • Dark Star King
    Dark Star King For 8 år siden

    @irishsupertramp your right science says an atom randomly farted and created infinite time, space, and matter from infinite nothing obviously human science on earth knows everything about our infinite universe.

  • Ugene Ugene
    Ugene Ugene For 2 år siden


  • Mario Kolgjokaj
    Mario Kolgjokaj For 9 år siden

    2:42 Head bopping status

  • ElectrasolAdvanced
    ElectrasolAdvanced For 9 år siden

    I wake up hearing the modulated bass in my head. Sick track!

  • GrawrImmaEatYuu
    GrawrImmaEatYuu For 7 år siden

    did anyone hear the radio version of this song.... >. hate the radio....

  • Nic333100
    Nic333100 For 8 år siden

    720p Makes A BIGGG Difference!!! awesomest song ever

  • v3vaz
    v3vaz For 9 år siden

    I love you, DUB2DNBHD. I really do, keep up the great work. You guys should check this song out though. /watch?v=-vZzKddQmZk

  • Byron Webb
    Byron Webb For 9 år siden

    @EpicDnB check dank dub - the widdler.... its all wub wub wub wub wub wub, but awesome