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  • 30. mar. 2020

  • Tana Mongeau has a tv show on mtv called Tana Turns 21 No Filter. She recently got involved in drama as MTV posted an awkward clip of Tana Mongeau and Trevor Moran. ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! 👕 INTERNET SENSATION SHIRTS 👕 http://www.internetsensation.shop 💻 INTERNET SENSATION PODCAST 💻 - https://bit.ly/2YXUOTW ● TIKTOK - https://www.tiktok.com/@imallexx ● TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/imallexx ● INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/im_allexx ● BOOK ON CAMEO - https://www.cameo.com/im_allexx ● OUTRO MUSIC - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsOQL... Alex Elmslie or ImAllexx is a YouTube channel based off commentary on events and interests. #ImAllexx


  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx For 5 md. siden

    60,000 likes and I'll review another tv show!

  • Sophia Rahim
    Sophia Rahim For 5 md. siden

    Imagine a reality show with Alex, Memeulous, Will, and James... I kind of want that so badly

  • Bertie Wong
    Bertie Wong For 5 md. siden

    She’s literally crying at that arm pressure thing which is the like nicest bit of a hospital appointment

  • Ben Casteel
    Ben Casteel For 5 md. siden

    She is the type who goes out saying I’m young corona has no effect on me and then dies

  • C B
    C B For 5 md. siden

    I work in a GP surgery and I’ve taken the blood pressure of people aged between 3 and 103.....yet not once has anybody told me that taking their blood pressure has hurt them 🙄 let’s stop making stupid people rich and famous please please please?!

  • OswinniwsO
    OswinniwsO For 5 md. siden

    I didn't realise Tana was 21 - I thought she was closer to her 30s 😵

  • ella gillespie
    ella gillespie For 5 md. siden

    imagine disrespecting medical professionals like that... smh

  • Friendly Polytheist
    Friendly Polytheist For 5 md. siden

    She's in her early 20’s but she's gone through so much bad plastic surgery she looks like a 40-year-old woman going through a mid-life crisis.

  • Grace Robles
    Grace Robles For 5 md. siden

    Tana literally got a nose job which hurts about 1000 times more than getting your blood pressure taken

  • Eve the Raviolo
    Eve the Raviolo For 5 md. siden

    The guy with Tana is honestly the most accurate and human reaction to Tana's childish behavior. Like this show should be about him cause he looks like he's having a hard time patiently babysitting her and dealing with her shit, and it makes him look like the hero of the situation

  • Katina Vasquez
    Katina Vasquez For 4 md. siden

    Didn’t she just complain that mtv “EDITED” her to look bad. Like ma’am there’s only so much editing they can do. You just act like trash all on your own without help I doubt they had much to edit to “make you look bad” or whatever. I ain’t even sorry 😂

  • T.O.P’s Eyebrows
    T.O.P’s Eyebrows For 5 md. siden

    Tana: “oooh having my blood pressure taken hurts” also Tana: Lip injections? Nose jobs? Leaving my fans out in the sun to burn to a crisp? Now that doesn’t hurt! Let’s do it

  • SpaceWaifuu
    SpaceWaifuu For 5 md. siden

    Maybe if she took care of her lungs her voice wouldn`t sound annoying af

  • Brandi Perez
    Brandi Perez For 5 md. siden

    She’s literally the most annoying human. She uses her “childhood trauma” as an excuse but after a while you literally cannot use it. You either learn from it or let it make you an idiot and it’s clear what tana chose to let it do. that and thinking she’s cool as a combination is just gonna destroy her career. Like imagine thinking asthma is a joke when thousands of people die from it a year

  • Violet Murphy
    Violet Murphy For 5 md. siden

    She must think she's dying when she stubs her toe then.

  • XedBubble
    XedBubble For 5 md. siden


  • Blank Mind
    Blank Mind For 4 md. siden

    She seems like she would be the type of person to do this:

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom For 5 md. siden (redigert)


  • AlumaNeonBlue
    AlumaNeonBlue For 5 md. siden


  • Ren •
    Ren • For 5 md. siden

    “I cant not smoke”