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  • 3. feb. 2020

  • Tana Mongeau released the tana by tana perfume before getting in more tea spill drama where she promoted the use of e-pens to her audience on twitter. ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! 👕 INTERNET SENSATION SHIRTS 👕 http://www.internetsensation.shop 💻 INTERNET SENSATION PODCAST 💻 - https://bit.ly/2YXUOTW ● TIKTOK - https://www.tiktok.com/@imallexx ● TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/imallexx ● INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/im_allexx ● BOOK ON CAMEO - https://www.cameo.com/im_allexx ● OUTRO MUSIC - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsOQL... Alex Elmslie or ImAllexx is a YouTube channel based off commentary on events and interests. #TanaByTana #TanaMongeau #ImAllexx


  • Abby Larcombe
    Abby Larcombe For 7 md. siden

    I love the imallexx channel. I subscribed.

  • Caoimhe Does Stuff
    Caoimhe Does Stuff For 7 md. siden

    Tana didn’t burn her fans enough at Tana Con so now she’s trying to give them chemical burns to finish the job

  • It's Kagura Bitch
    It's Kagura Bitch For 7 md. siden

    She's out there acting like she has multiple personalities, when she actually has none

  • ratthew
    ratthew For 7 md. siden

    Tana thinks she’s a huge celebrity but honestly we all just forget about her and once and while go “huh tana did something bad again” and go on with life

  • traveling_beyond_art
    traveling_beyond_art For 7 md. siden

    Can't wait for "Alex by Alex"

  • Mia Valla
    Mia Valla For 7 md. siden

    “Tana by Tana” created by Tana designed by Tana signed by Tana for Tana...

  • Totalchaos1983 0
    Totalchaos1983 0 For 7 md. siden

    I imagine it smells like dirty Uggs and dissapointnent...

  • Random KittenCrafter
    Random KittenCrafter For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    The skull shape bottle represents how dead Tana's relevance is

  • Kelsey Scarito
    Kelsey Scarito For 7 md. siden


  • Cole Nelson
    Cole Nelson For 7 md. siden

    Are we gonna talk about how the Tana Skull container is literally a smaller version of Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka?!?

  • Samantha Berger
    Samantha Berger For 7 md. siden

    “This triad caresses the air and sweetens the earth”

  • Another Bloody YouTuber
    Another Bloody YouTuber For 7 md. siden

    "Tanner by Tana. You no longer need to queue outside my convention for hours underneath the blistering sun to get that glow you deserve... with my new self-tanning lotion!"

  • NovaKnowsBeauty
    NovaKnowsBeauty For 7 md. siden

    Everyone's like:

  • awkward myrtle
    awkward myrtle For 7 md. siden

    How does her description of the scent match at all with a skull bottle 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Hunnybee
    Hunnybee For 7 md. siden

    she promoted Shane more than she promoted herself & she was literally the only person in the commercial 😂😫😭

  • t1d _page
    t1d _page For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    “How does Tana put the Sky and the Sun in a bottle??” The amount of worry in ImAllexx’s voice has me creasing, it sounds like he’s gonna cry 😂😂😂

  • JKalin0249
    JKalin0249 For 7 md. siden

    Idk but I just have a feeling that the "sold out" perfume isn't actually sold out. She just put water in that one 50 cent Chinese bottle and just scammed another shit ton of people thinking they're preordering but nothing will come in 4-6 weeks. She'll keep pushing it back until enough people want a refund and then she'll blame everything on someone else while still keeping their money

  • Ahren Scholz
    Ahren Scholz For 7 md. siden

    She didn't even brand her own product, it's just in a generic cheap bottle

  • not kaitlyn
    not kaitlyn For 7 md. siden

    Why do people still like her. I’m genuinely confused. I don’t think she actually cares about her fans.

  • Aphelize Pariah
    Aphelize Pariah For 7 md. siden

    Tana: "5 million subscr--"