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  • 15. mai 2010

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  • writerdianalee
    writerdianalee For 5 år siden

    I have used your music for my father's Memorial service. Thank you for making such lovely sounds.

  • Bird Scott
    Bird Scott For 5 år siden

    "tear drop in my eye" that is amazing and beautiful grate job

  • preppychrisbou
    preppychrisbou For 5 md. siden

    Country roads, take me home to the place I belong

  • Summerisle051
    Summerisle051 For 10 år siden

    I'm at loss of words... you'd get 5 stars from me if we still had that on youtube

  • Claude DAVID
    Claude DAVID For 3 md. siden (redigert)

    I really like the way you play it. Thanks ! (I just reached your channel as I was looking for a piano cover of "Away in a Manger" aka "Flow Gently, Sweet Afton".  Can you indicate me where I could get the piano score of this Take Me Home (it is so many version ....)

  • Alex Marco
    Alex Marco For 8 år siden

    I have to tell you that you are increible with piano.. i think that I seen all your videos! good work man! :D

  • MC Toling
    MC Toling For 2 md. siden

    I love this cover men.

  • ck
    ck For 1 år siden

    Amazing job! By far the best cover I have ever heard!!

  • Laura
    Laura For 5 md. siden

    Is the sheet music for this online anywhere?? Love this version!

  • John Gaudet
    John Gaudet For 4 år siden

    beautiful cover, that piano has a really nice sound to it. also if you added a few 9's and 13's in the right hand as well as walk downs in the bass it would really give it some flare, but its still very nice as is!

  • Sherlock Holmes lives.
    Sherlock Holmes lives. For 4 år siden

    So beautiful!   It's empowering and spellbinding music isn't it?!   Enjoy your poetry in music!          Cheers -  Mike.

  • Police
    Police For 1 år siden

    I'm crying right now

  • Min Jun Park
    Min Jun Park For 5 år siden

    Thank you for the video. It was simply beautiful as it always be.

  • Synthea
    Synthea For 6 år siden

    This here is impressive me being able to play marry had a little lam as good as this... A lot of ppl can do that... W.W

  • tinyturnZ19
    tinyturnZ19 For 6 år siden

    i must say this is the best cover i have seen. well done 

  • Synthea
    Synthea For 6 år siden

    I could play Mary had a little.....  CX Impressive!! I LOVE ITTTTT

  • slkchao
    slkchao For 10 md. siden

    Very nice rendition and performance!

  • User27
    User27 For 1 år siden

    I like to listen to this at 1.5 speed. Try it

  • Nils Engelhardt
    Nils Engelhardt For 5 år siden

    the bridge is missing, so the song isn't complete. would be great to hear the rest :)

  • Youtube Incorporation
    Youtube Incorporation For 1 år siden

    That was beautiful.