Surprising Charli D'Amelio With 10 Custom iPad Pros & Macbooks!!📱💻 ft. Dixie D'Amelio (Giveaway) Last ned

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  • 22. apr. 2020

  • I Surprised Charli D'Amelio With 10 Custom iPad Pros & Macbooks!! ft. LilHuddy, Addison Rae, Dixie Damelio, Avani, Hype House & More! Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s, iPad Pros, & MacBook Pros giveaway! Thanks for watching:) Subscribe, Click on another vid in recommendations, and Follow my socials! Instagram : @ zhcomicart Twitter: @ hsieh_zachary TikTok: @ zhcyt


  • ZHC
    ZHC For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    If this video hits 1 million likes I will literally give away 100 custom iPhones to you guys!

  • Jessica Ly
    Jessica Ly For 4 md. siden

    this is how many people never win in giveaways

  • Nausheen Zia
    Nausheen Zia For 2 dager siden

    This is how many people did not win giveaways

  • Garrett
    Garrett For 1 uke siden

    I love Addison and how she doesn’t act rich. She acts like a normal person. Her reaction to the MacBook was priceless

  • Horse Winner
    Horse Winner For 2 dager siden

    Let’s be honest the hype house was so much better with Charli in it

  • Naomi Diaz
    Naomi Diaz For 2 uker siden

    This is how many people like Zack drawings

  • Ight ama Head out
    Ight ama Head out For 4 md. siden

    imagine charli’s mail right now filled with iPhones,MacBooks, and ipads

  • Micaiah Phillips
    Micaiah Phillips For 1 dag siden

    He’ll never notice me iv been watching him for years and he hasn’t noticed me

  • Lilly Russo
    Lilly Russo For 4 dager siden

    No one:

  • Valentin Camacho
    Valentin Camacho For 1 dag siden

    I’m watching this like 3-2 months later and I realize that The Hype House moves houses......

  • Emilia Oladokun
    Emilia Oladokun For 2 uker siden

    I really want to win a giveaway please it’s my sisters birthday soon and she needs a new phone

  • Amy Ybarra
    Amy Ybarra For 4 md. siden

    this is how many people don’t even have a iphone 11

  • m i l k u
    m i l k u For 1 dag siden

    “oH wOw”

  • Manasi Nath
    Manasi Nath For 1 dag siden

    I love 4 people from the hype house the most and they are

  • dia the Gamer girl
    dia the Gamer girl For 2 dager siden

    Plssssss giveaway me(enter me i haveint seen my ipan like since 2019 and i want an ipan so badly😭

  • Pacman Frog
    Pacman Frog For 2 dager siden

    He’s so good at editing and camera shots he can make washing your hands look cool

  • Malxy
    Malxy For 4 md. siden

    The sad thing about this ur giving away insane technologies to rich people that can get it customize it themselves

  • Zainab Yasir
    Zainab Yasir For 1 uke siden

    I wish I could get an I pad from ZHC

  • • Luna •
    • Luna • For 2 dager siden

    Im begining thiking that apple gives this free to him

  • Anton Piuneu
    Anton Piuneu For 1 time siden

    every time ZHC goes in an apple store: "how many u want this time?"