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  • 19. sep. 2009


  • Emily
    Emily For 5 md. siden

    he is my favorite. I saw him when I was just little.

  • Leylla
    Leylla For 6 år siden

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Blue Trolz
    Blue Trolz For 1 år siden

    He’s a legend

  • cs100443
    cs100443 For 2 md. siden

    legendary song almost 40 years since Ben E king sang it

  • françoise letellier
    françoise letellier For 6 år siden

    extraordinaire !!!!!

  • Daniel & Fabian Maier
    Daniel & Fabian Maier For 7 md. siden

    i love it !!! greatings from Germany

  • Rossana Clemente
    Rossana Clemente For 9 md. siden


  • E. Camargo
    E. Camargo For 4 år siden


  • Christie OQuin
    Christie OQuin For 6 md. siden

    In 2020 - this song/video hits so different 🤍

  • Barbara Inez
    Barbara Inez For 1 år siden


  • socorro praciano
    socorro praciano For 6 år siden


  • Wil Ca
    Wil Ca For 6 md. siden

    Zo mooi! 😘❤

  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald Reed For 6 år siden

    Is there a reason I cannot get this video now ..I was able to4 months ago !

  • Maryline Aggalao
    Maryline Aggalao For 5 år siden

    wow sounds good

  • Cassia Coutinho
    Cassia Coutinho For 11 md. siden


  • Fábio Leite
    Fábio Leite For 1 år siden

    Linda música...

  • Éva Anna Nagy
    Éva Anna Nagy For 6 år siden

    Cool, Cool, Cool! Köszönöm nektek! Ez a zene nagyon ott van, akárhányszor hallgatom, mindig imádom, nem lehet megunni! :)

  • Daniel Duarte
    Daniel Duarte For 1 år siden

    Best version for me

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business For 1 år siden

    I don’t just like this I love it 💗

  • Linda Kostin
    Linda Kostin For 7 år siden

    No love is greater then this : That one lay down his or her life for another! I know the ONE who will never leave me nor forsake me: Jesus Christ; however how wonderful it is to have family & close friends stand by me through thick and thin in life; those valleys can be so low at times!