Sony Buys Spider-Man & Ratchet and Clank Dev Insomniac, Devs & Fans Rejoice Last ned

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  • 20. aug. 2019

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  • YongYea
    YongYea For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Sony buys a studio, people know good things can happen. EA buys a studio, and we dread for its future. As for MCU shenanigans, keep in mind Sony Interactive Entertainment (the video game division) played no part in that, that's more of a Sony Pictures (film division) thing.

  • Boker
    Boker For 1 år siden

    Meanwhile at EA : Should we shut down Bioware or force them to make us one more lootcrate?

  • Mike Manhattan
    Mike Manhattan For 1 år siden

    This is the equivalent of marrying your girlfriend after dating for 20 years and your kids are already in college.😅

  • Soliquidsnake
    Soliquidsnake For 1 år siden

    And now they took Spider-Man off the MCU and everyone riots.

  • RodriguezRacer 456
    RodriguezRacer 456 For 1 år siden

    The MCU lost Spider-Man but acquired Deadpool and The X-Men

  • メモ尺モS ST
    メモ尺モS ST For 1 år siden

    Sony finally put a ring on Insomniac after being in bed together for many years.

  • samzilla567
    samzilla567 For 1 år siden

    EA buys a studio: Everyone hated that!

  • Walshy
    Walshy For 1 år siden

    Sony buys Insomniac ,Everyone praises

  • solo uno
    solo uno For 1 år siden

    a few years ago, i would cry for this, but now we are all celebrating that is NOT EA, Activision, ubisoft or worse: Epic

  • Blaze of Glory
    Blaze of Glory For 1 år siden

    Sony: Actually cares about the companies they acquire.

  • StephenYap3
    StephenYap3 For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Hopefully this means the PS5 will get some (new) Ratchet & Clank games...

  • Greed1914
    Greed1914 For 1 år siden

    With as many very well received Sony exclusives Insomniac made, it always seemed odd this didn't happen sooner.

  • Robert Eden
    Robert Eden For 1 år siden

    See EA and Activision, you can make games without ripping ppl off and still be successful.

  • Arakawa Aran
    Arakawa Aran For 1 år siden

    EA game: Single Player game

  • ProSuper
    ProSuper For 1 år siden

    Now we want another extra polished game like Dad of boi .

  • Loidster 121
    Loidster 121 For 1 år siden

    I love how we were watching gamescom when Jeff was like “by the way Sony bought insomniac, anyways”

  • Lovre Marasović
    Lovre Marasović For 1 år siden

    This a completely different situation than EA. When EA buys a studio, everyone is worried about it. But here everyone celebrates. And it's deserved.

  • G K
    G K For 1 år siden

    Imagine if Visceral or BioWare was picked up by Sony and not EA? Breaks my damn heart man

  • ORO323
    ORO323 For 1 år siden

    ANY game not owned by EA is great news.

  • Tiger Bears
    Tiger Bears For 1 år siden

    We’ve had some of the best and worst news about Spider-Man properties within just a day or so.