Skittles and Starburst Sweet Heat with Sour Patch Kids Fire Taste Test Last ned

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  • 22. feb. 2018

  • Hello, my friends! We found the Skittles and Starburst Sweet Heat with Sour Patch Kids Fire for a Taste Test. We saw these announced about 6 months ago and have been waiting for them to hit the market. Have you tried them yourself? Comment down below what you think. We will also be doing a Q&A video soon. So please leave your questions down below too and maybe we'll answer it in a video! Fan mail address is Chris and Vito Frezza 42383 Garfield #380772 Clinton Township, MI 48038. Social Media - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Live.Me Live Streaming - Vlog channel called FrezVlogs Subscribe over at We have Vito the Kid T-shirts available to buy. Head on over to to buy your T-shirt or Hoodie.


  • Chevymaker 350
    Chevymaker 350 For 2 år siden

    It’s chevyboy on live me that gave you the dismond👍

    POOCHIE ROSE For 2 år siden


  • Marisela Perez
    Marisela Perez For 2 år siden

    Love ya guys!

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight For 2 år siden

    Great review...i agree. My theory is...its just a lil kick for kids, to join in on the hot snacks craze... And not so unbearable that they wont re-purchase. Lol. Good stuff guys!👍

  • Ultraman's IR
    Ultraman's IR For 2 år siden

    You have one of the best parent - kid video channels on YT that I've seen. Keep up the great work, Vito and Vito's dad.

  • Cody Carbaugh
    Cody Carbaugh For 1 år siden

    I’ve tried the skittles. There not that hot at all.

  • Jedi Katie
    Jedi Katie For 2 år siden

    I live in Michigan as well ware did u guys get these? I want to try them lol

  • Inside the Wizard world
    Inside the Wizard world For 2 år siden

    Nice vid

  • Cheep%
    Cheep% For 2 år siden

    AnGeRy WaTeRmElOn

  • Cheep%
    Cheep% For 2 år siden

    If animals don’t wanna be eaten, why are they made out of food

  • Deadpool10,000
    Deadpool10,000 For 1 år siden (redigert)

    I am eating the sour patch kids fire and ice there not Cold or hot bit of a letdown

    LIL LEAN For 2 år siden


  • Burnt Waffle
    Burnt Waffle For 2 år siden

    Why hit candy