Skepta - What Do You Mean (ft. J Hus) INSTRUMENTAL (Prod. IO) 2019 Last ned

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  • 31. mai 2019

  • Beat originally made by IO no copyright infringement intended Instagram: Subscribe: IGNORE j hus,skepta,what do you mean?,j hus friendly,skepta thats not me remix reaction,dave j hus,american reacts to skepta thats not me allstar remix,j hus clean it up,skepta that's not me,skepta shutdown,dave j hus samantha,skepta man,skepta top boy,skepta jme,skepta man gang,skepta it ain't safe,skepta gang,j hus live,j hus ugly,skepta drake,skepta nasty,j hus no lie,j hus,j hus type beat,instrumental,skepta type beat,skepta,skepta instrumental,j hus instrumental,free j hus type beat,j hus type instrumental,j hus type beat instrumental,skepta hypocrisy instrumental,j hus x skepta type beat,wizkid ft skepta energy instrumental,j hus spirit,skepta - bad energy (stay far away) instrumental,j hus type beat new,j hus type beat 2017,j hus type beat free,ignorance is bliss,skepta,skepta ignorance is bliss,skepta ignorance is bliss type beat,skepta ignorance is bliss reaction,skepta type beat,bliss,ignorance,skepta reaction,skepta ignorance is bliss new album,skepta type beat 2019,skepta ignorance is bliss instrumental,ignorance is bliss skepta,ignorance is bliss live,ignorance is bliss 2019,ignorance is bliss album,skepta bullet from a gun reaction


  • Os
    Os For 1 år siden

    Toooooo sickkk ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  • Gangsta Sal
    Gangsta Sal For 5 md. siden

    Chorus: J Hus]

  • Genaded
    Genaded For 6 md. siden

    @50cent would walk on this beat

  • kieren m
    kieren m For 1 år siden

    Aye ,llisten , mummy knows me a ain't handsome, these mad woman holding my sans randsome, babies mum's say am ugly,a stung them like bumble bee, 2 kids to mad woman ,Mic ting a just spray rhythm, it's life I've been been giving, In fact it's the life I've been living ,started kickimg beats when a was eleven, bought my first decks of seven,thats Mys bros G, sto the v ,R.I.P.

  • Hakeem
    Hakeem For 1 år siden

    Bro you need to make one for same old story

  • Jay Quick
    Jay Quick For 1 md. siden

    I be like what do you mean

  • Ethan Baker
    Ethan Baker For 1 år siden

    [Chorus: J Hus]

  • TestMyTemper
    TestMyTemper For 1 år siden

    Bruh, i need one for HEADIE ONE - ALL DAY pleaseeee

  • Mrcisc
    Mrcisc For 2 md. siden

    Bit too fast but still so good

  • D G M M G D
    D G M M G D For 1 år siden

    Sounds abit like a Dre beat

  • Ayanda Kalane
    Ayanda Kalane For 1 år siden

    Please do Going Through It

  • Roko Štokić
    Roko Štokić For 1 år siden


  • Mr Rashy
    Mr Rashy For 1 år siden

    Can you make Blanco - Ringtone instrumental plz

  • Parsa Sabet
    Parsa Sabet For 1 år siden

    stinking rich mostack dave j hus gggggg has to be done

  • Ziiova
    Ziiova For 1 år siden

    this is cold ❄❄ can you do Mist - Different strokes next?

  • Ciaran P
    Ciaran P For 1 år siden

    Good vid please do love me not

  • ProdBySK
    ProdBySK For 1 år siden

    My guyy some1 hacked onto my yt buh im back got a suggestion can you pleasee remake Ambush OFB instrumental