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  • 24. jun. 2010


  • e3roman2devons
    e3roman2devons For 9 år siden

    i'm gonna speak on Merricks (bossman) behalf , murder charge aint a joke and laugh

  • Steven A
    Steven A For 6 år siden

    Still one of the sickest beats. Wiley should have kept it for himself

  • Ramo Wick
    Ramo Wick For 1 år siden

    i know man dot roll with a nine month old baby so they can pull out da mash in da winnie da poo scarf

  • LRJOX5
    LRJOX5 For 9 år siden

    someone tell me what this beat is called

  • WhatTheFuss
    WhatTheFuss For 9 år siden

    do it like me .. when he said i take it old school .. best memories!

  • Adebola Salako
    Adebola Salako For 1 år siden

    Man's looking for me and my mates. Skepy. 📯📯📯

  • newmattygosling
    newmattygosling For 9 år siden

    @reloadfmradio swear you beg it far too much

  • Jennifer Njoku
    Jennifer Njoku For 5 år siden

    Skepta...instant reload...

  • JustHere
    JustHere For 9 år siden

    @newmattygosling trus me fam lool

  • fenceman456
    fenceman456 For 8 år siden

    i use to listen to this in 2006

  • Jennifer Njoku
    Jennifer Njoku For 5 år siden

    Playing this a ridiculous amount of times a day...Love it...beat...bananas

  • JJ Mr1Cup
    JJ Mr1Cup For 9 år siden

    @LRJOX5 dunno wat its called but dj target made it

  • Åçiđ LÏfē
    Åçiđ LÏfē For 4 år siden

    What Do You Mean?

  • --
    -- For 1 år siden

    One of the hardest songs made ever. Period.

  • H. Fitz
    H. Fitz For 4 år siden

    damn i used to listen to this along long time ago.

  • TheKraftykid
    TheKraftykid For 1 år siden

    anyone got the beat?

  • Mr W
    Mr W For 4 år siden


  • bennykell3
    bennykell3 For 4 år siden


  • Joseph Barber
    Joseph Barber For 3 år siden

    Best skepta tune?

  • Fahad
    Fahad For 4 år siden

    Someone link this instrumental to me?