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  • 6. jun. 2019

  • North London’s Skepta is on another level on ‘No Sleep’, a hard-hitting cut taken from his newly released album ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’. Follow Skepta ▶ Stream: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: — Follow COLORS: ▶ On Socials: ▶ On Spotify: ▶ On Apple Music:


    CHRISTI XX For 1 år siden

    Song was so hot COLORS had no choice but to film thermal.

  • Jamie Byfield
    Jamie Byfield For 11 md. siden

    Man literally looks like the final boss in a rap battle

  • Oscar Otieno
    Oscar Otieno For 9 md. siden

    uk rappers clean and neat and audible

  • Alex L
    Alex L For 9 md. siden

    Imagine he farted during this

  • Cerys Anderson
    Cerys Anderson For 1 år siden

    skeppys breath control is immaculate lool

  • Kem j
    Kem j For 1 år siden

    Like if the world needs a colors concert/festival

  • yoimosan
    yoimosan For 1 år siden

    The thermal was so in tune with the robotic atmosphere of the track, Skepta's movement seemed aesthetically in tune with it.

  • Spencer Partridge
    Spencer Partridge For 1 år siden

    Wanna hate on me thats useless

  • Z Z
    Z Z For 1 år siden

    Skepta is very very cold. And he creatively directed this.

  • gglinstead
    gglinstead For 1 år siden

    "I'm just minding my buisness, no we're not watching anyone else.

  • Charles De castro
    Charles De castro For 5 md. siden


  • Magnus Fagervik
    Magnus Fagervik For 1 år siden


  • Kahpe Productions
    Kahpe Productions For 1 uke siden

    'Round here everbody wanna be a millionaire so they can buy garms of smoke, its so funny how quick they get rich then go broke,

  • Stuff of Life
    Stuff of Life For 1 år siden

    MENTAL performance Skep!

  • dukundonkey
    dukundonkey For 1 md. siden

    Skepta : No Sleep

  • Sinner Bones
    Sinner Bones For 1 år siden

    COLORS is high on cole's lemonade. Fr. I mean the visuals are sick. No cap

  • 박종현
    박종현 For 4 uker siden

    OG 4 real

  • Conrad Rayner Year 11
    Conrad Rayner Year 11 For 1 år siden

    So happy they did this thermal. GREAZE

  • Tiani Ngobeni
    Tiani Ngobeni For 1 år siden

    COLORS should have their own festival that runs over two weekends.

  • Eugene Lyutovskiy
    Eugene Lyutovskiy For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    Skepta: "Even though I swear and I curse all the time"