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  • 23. feb. 2017


  • Northside Baby
    Northside Baby For 3 år siden

    Skepta just look like that one cool uncle who always gives you £20 everytime you see him

  • Darker End Studios
    Darker End Studios For 4 uker siden

    "The enemies congregate over food and wine." Because they know I'm the "1".

  • Aloysius
    Aloysius For 1 år siden

    Is it me or is this song have the clearest rap lyrics in like 20 years?

  • Sabba Linga
    Sabba Linga For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    Who ever made this beat should be arrested for making something soo lethal

  • David
    David For 1 år siden

    Hi I'm Skepta and I'm your freestyle dance teacher

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke For 3 år siden

    This song makes me want to rob my own house

  • ma4ak buzz
    ma4ak buzz For 3 md. siden

    Rolling a fat joint with a cup of tea,listening to Skepta what more u want STAY AT HOME !

  • RTX-007
    RTX-007 For 3 md. siden

    Anybody here surviving through Corona

  • the truth god
    the truth god For 1 dag siden

    I just randomly came across this song after 3 years and I've listened to it a dozen times and so many bars have actually become reality since the release of this banger.

  • aaron dunne
    aaron dunne For 2 uker siden

    Arsenal 2019/20 premier league season

  • HippieSmashing -
    HippieSmashing - For 2 år siden

    When you gotta frog making a beat

  • tw0tone
    tw0tone For 1 år siden

    watch out fake friends no time for u 2019

  • Ross Burke
    Ross Burke For 1 md. siden

    Inspired by LSD, Some of the most under-appreciated music of our generation.

    CREEDO For 4 uker siden


  • Fallen Sonar
    Fallen Sonar For 1 dag siden (redigert)

    I get a very very strong older asap rocky from this...need an album from them both ASAP lol

  • Katie Shine
    Katie Shine For 3 år siden

    his fashion is mad, the comments saying "what is he wearing" don't realise fashion is not a man bag and a tracksuit

  • Lucky
    Lucky For 2 md. siden

    I’m American and this British hip hop wave is definitely welcome

  • Giorgi Khelashvili
    Giorgi Khelashvili For 3 uker siden

    Me, an editor -

  • Peter Ian Staker
    Peter Ian Staker For 1 år siden

    Love that he put Malcom X at the start

  • Threemad 540
    Threemad 540 For 1 uke siden

    Does any one else notice that this kinda sounds like greaze mode?