Skepta - 'Greaze Mode' ft. Nafe Smallz (Official Video) Last ned

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  • Hadde premiere 30. mai 2019

  • Download Greaze Mode and order the album Ignorance Is Bliss: Skepta Twitter: @Skepta Instagram: @Skeptagram Soundcloud: Facebook: @SkeptaOfficial Website:


  • Chicken Connoisseur
    Chicken Connoisseur For 1 år siden

    🤣🤣🤣 this is too jokes! Would never expect a vid like this for such a tune, looking forward to the other visuals for the album

  • Omosun Abraham
    Omosun Abraham For 10 md. siden

    How palm wine and pepper soup is going to help him in a hostage situation is still one of the greatest mysteries of life.

  • Kaiece Wardle
    Kaiece Wardle For 11 md. siden

    I still can’t believe tracks like this got added to gta

  • Benjbest
    Benjbest For 11 md. siden

    Who is here because of the new iFruit Radio in Gta5?

  • MaHy
    MaHy For 5 md. siden

    skepta's voice is too clean if u agree

  • Roman B
    Roman B For 5 md. siden

    GTA sent me, literally can’t leave the car until this song over

  • Björn Koivisto
    Björn Koivisto For 3 md. siden

    Nafe Smallz is probably the only person ive seen who looks tall and short at the same time

  • DoubleVie
    DoubleVie For 5 md. siden

    This track is so underrated wtf it is literally a banger

  • D' Presh
    D' Presh For 1 år siden

    When Skepta said "I'm gonna need some pepper soup" I felt that

  • Хорошая Работа Алег

    GTA online?) New radio “IFruit radio”

  • The Stoned Ape Gaming
    The Stoned Ape Gaming For 10 md. siden

    skepta looks like katt williams in this video 😂

  • zahra
    zahra For 11 md. siden

    just wanna know if nafe got caught or not

  • Falcon Soldier
    Falcon Soldier For 1 år siden

    therapist: 80's pimps cant hurt you, they dont exist anymore

  • luke rogers
    luke rogers For 1 år siden

    Katt Williams/Andre 3000 vibes from that thumbnail

  • Ryan Asin
    Ryan Asin For 2 md. siden

    just realized this video is about them stealing pictures of some guy being pegged. check time stamp

  • Chuck O.
    Chuck O. For 2 md. siden


  • slop top
    slop top For 2 uker siden

    Ain’t nobody found this song on there own we all got it from gta

  • KillerX Sakhs
    KillerX Sakhs For 5 md. siden

    Who else is here cause of iFruit Radio in GTA 5

  • Hip Hop Machine
    Hip Hop Machine For 2 md. siden

    I'm an asthmatic weed fanatic

  • Jesus Aguayo
    Jesus Aguayo For 1 år siden

    This slaps harder than dads belt. No 🧢