Skepta ft. JME - That's Not Me (Official Video) Last ned

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  • 24. apr. 2014

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  • Angok
    Angok For 1 år siden

    Behzinga is a good dj

  • Mr. Glass
    Mr. Glass For 2 år siden

    I was about to hit the dislike button, but that's not me.

  • Cheikh Diop
    Cheikh Diop For 8 md. siden

    No fancy cars

  • Gonçalo Mateus
    Gonçalo Mateus For 1 år siden

    When your girl shows a video of you with another girl

  • Amine El Bakkali
    Amine El Bakkali For 11 md. siden

    6in9ine: "nah that's not me, it was him. "

  • Josh 85
    Josh 85 For 1 år siden

    Spittin bars into headphones.thats some old school pirate radio ting right dere 🙏🏼🔥👌🏼

  • TamPTV
    TamPTV For 4 md. siden

    When Boris catches you on your 2nd walk of the day

  • Herbal remedy
    Herbal remedy For 5 år siden

    True I use to have Netflix got rid off it after a month cause that's not free

  • Aadam9478
    Aadam9478 For 3 md. siden

    Everyone: Behzinga is a good DJ

  • Joshua Fernando
    Joshua Fernando For 2 år siden

    Skepta: “I used to wear LV, I put it all in the bin; that’s not me”

  • google account
    google account For 3 uker siden

    this song is on a renault advert now ahaha

  • shrek Boi
    shrek Boi For 1 md. siden

    When you use a zoom background without a green screen.

  • H4RL3Y
    H4RL3Y For 8 md. siden

    Police officer : is this you on CCTV?

  • MM02
    MM02 For 1 md. siden

    Such a classic and I’m not even British

  • Janek Clover
    Janek Clover For 5 md. siden

    In case anyone is confused. When you put a headphone into a mic input, the signals reverse. The headphones now become a mic.

    OZZEY OYUNDA For 8 md. siden

    2020 still banger

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh For 1 år siden

    Act Like A Wetwipe in Your Audi

    JAKECOWLEY For 1 år siden

    When your mom says take your little brother.

  • Latest Lyrics
    Latest Lyrics For 7 md. siden

    Who’s here after it cost him 80 english pounds? 🤣🤣