SKEPTA ft J HUS - What Do You Mean? (AMERICAN REACTION) Last ned

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  • 3. jun. 2019

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  • Olumide Sobodu
    Olumide Sobodu For 1 år siden

    He said she wanna eat man like idi yamin who was a cannibal

  • UKReloadz
    UKReloadz For 1 år siden

    Yh he’s referring to Top Boy on Netflix, you gotta watch it all g

  • dave femi
    dave femi For 1 år siden

    I actually respect the fact that you rewind wen you pause.

  • Elliott Lawless
    Elliott Lawless For 1 år siden

    Redrum on the album is sick

  • Shane Catney
    Shane Catney For 1 år siden

    Glow in the dark is another hard song from the album

  • Izzy
    Izzy For 1 år siden

    actually just finished when they see us too, man it had me😭

  • james505ism
    james505ism For 1 år siden

    skepta probably gets the most attention out of all Uk artists when he releases an album, gotta have J Hus jumping on a hook not too surprising

  • AntiFed1791
    AntiFed1791 For 1 år siden

    IF you haven't heard it yet, check out the joint Skepta did with A$ap Rocky -- Praise the Lord. It was a summer banger last year.

  • Hoonboy
    Hoonboy For 1 år siden

    She wan' eat man like Idi Amin - Idi Amin was dictator of Uganda from 1971 til 1979. It was rumoured that Idi Amin also engaged in cannibalism.

  • Jack Kilbz
    Jack Kilbz For 1 år siden

    getting 50 cent vibes from this

  • J Fish
    J Fish For 1 år siden


  • Elliott Lawless
    Elliott Lawless For 1 år siden

    J Hus Blackbox s4 is j Hus best work

  • Jam Town
    Jam Town For 1 år siden

    You need lyrics for this kinda J Hus song he does some different shit with his voice, even we gotta listen carefully to hear some words lol. He said "she waan eat me like Idi Amin" Idi Amin was a Ugandan president who people said was a cannibal.

  • Liban Abdi
    Liban Abdi For 1 år siden

    We a family over here bro

  • DaveSincere
    DaveSincere For 1 år siden

    Man.. Ballers led me to this song which led me to you.

  • Suubs2k11 YT
    Suubs2k11 YT For 1 år siden

    It sounds like idi amin

  • J O
    J O For 1 år siden

    Top Boy aka Ashley Walters ...So Solid

  • Suubs2k11 YT
    Suubs2k11 YT For 1 år siden

    He said she want eat man like idiot I mean

  • Zedi Official
    Zedi Official For 1 år siden

    Shut up and play the song