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  • 3. apr. 2015

  • Rihanna Towards The Sun (From "Home" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2015). All (C) rights go to Rihanna. Buy "Home" soundtrack on iTunes: http://goo.gl/32JR6a Tracklist: 1 Towards the Sun - Rihanna 2 Run To Me - Clarence Coffee Jr. 3 Cannonball - Kiesza 4 As Real As You and Me - Rihanna 5 Red Ballon - Charli XCX 6 Dancing In the Dark - Rihanna 7 Drop That - Jacob Plant 8 Feel the Light - Jennifer Lopez


  • Riseee
    Riseee For 1 år siden

    Here cause its actually a good song?

  • ItsSara vallejo
    ItsSara vallejo For 3 md. siden

    its june 2020 and this song sounds like the end of the world

  • Izukx
    Izukx For 5 dager siden

    Me, 5 years ago:

  • Papaya
    Papaya For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    i don’t understand why people didn’t like this movie

  • Adriel Caleb
    Adriel Caleb For 1 md. siden

    0% drugs

  • Mentql
    Mentql For 1 år siden

    Who was here because of

  • Rozamichi
    Rozamichi For 2 md. siden

    this is the most kid-friendly song that has ever come out of Rihanna

  • xBrightStar x
    xBrightStar x For 3 uker siden

    My grandpa is dying.. he has cancer and his body is to weak for the doctors to help him. They are gonna let him come home to see us one last time.. before he passes. i’m literally crying my life off right now. But this song told me to don’t look back and carry on. No need to like.. :(

  • Eric Zozio
    Eric Zozio For 1 md. siden

    Everyone here is for HOME and not TIK TOK

  • Alex Cardinal
    Alex Cardinal For 3 md. siden

    Who else feels old , knowing that this movie came out 5 years ago 😳

  • • karen •
    • karen • For 5 md. siden (redigert)

    am i the only one that didn’t know this song was on TikTok

  • Tron
    Tron For 4 md. siden

    This is probably one of the most underrated song I’ve ever heard

  • oof Leah
    oof Leah For 3 uker siden

    im mad they took home off of netflix it was such a good movie


    Am I the only one who almost cried when this song played in the movie

  • Shadow
    Shadow For 3 uker siden

    Only people that found out that they saw this in the movie home can like 👍

  • AGbutera
    AGbutera For 6 md. siden (redigert)

    This song has such a END OF THE WORLD vibe...

  • Marcus Sebastiene F. Nubla
    Marcus Sebastiene F. Nubla For 2 md. siden

    When the world ends, this song will play while the credits roll.

  • Crazy Shay
    Crazy Shay For 4 md. siden

    I'm pretty positive that almost everyone who watched this cartoon cried when this song came on. I know I did.

  • Connor Gomi
    Connor Gomi For 6 dager siden

    I’m here not understanding how people hate this movie- I actually liked it and cried-

  • ________
    ________ For 4 uker siden

    This movie is underrated and people start to forget it unfortunately. It has such a good meaning;