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  • 27. sep. 2019

  • If I keep making every video about Berm Peak I won't have a YouTube channel in about 6 months. So we're switching it up! Here's a good old fashioned "10 product reviews" video, with the "10" dropped from the title because lists are out of style. Enjoy. Dakine Hot Laps Gripper Troutmoose Underdog Bag Park Wheel Holder Grand Stand CSD Trail Maps Crud Cloth Helmetor Hub Tick Kit First Aid Kit Fiskars Loppers CRKT Machete Cold Steel Machete Heavy Machete Barbaric Video: Product Reviews Playlist Berm Peak Playlist All music in this video is from #mountainbiking #outdoor I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this. Advertising disclosure: All of these videos contain products, logos, or mentions associated with Diamondback Bicycles, Box Components, and Slime Sealant. Whether or not the video itself was sponsored by any of these companies, they do support this channel, and by extension, every video on it. None of the products reviewed in this video are by companies that I have paid arrangements with, but most were sent to me for free. None were solicited for product. All were promised a link. None were promised a good review.


  • Colby McLellan
    Colby McLellan For 1 år siden


    PANDAMAN 13 For 1 år siden


  • Oscar Nestor
    Oscar Nestor For 1 år siden (redigert)

    “infused with Hippie oil” Seth 2019

  • Chris Muntean
    Chris Muntean For 1 år siden

    Who else can’t wait until the day when you just type “S” into the YouTube search bar and the first thing under it says “Seth bike hacks”

  • Mar3K1996
    Mar3K1996 For 1 år siden

    "when friends come over, this is usually the machette i reach for"

  • Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency
    Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency For 1 år siden


  • Railfanatic
    Railfanatic For 1 år siden

    "When friends come over, this is the machete that I reach for"

  • Don-Michael
    Don-Michael For 1 år siden

    Anyone else waiting on todays video?

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W For 1 år siden

    Seth it’s Friday bud where’s the video? Lol

  • Yukon
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  • conker cube
    conker cube For 2 md. siden

    Seth: I like this one for a shallow reason: it looks good.

  • TI Bayonex
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  • Johnny Cbp
    Johnny Cbp For 1 md. siden

    Chrisfix: did someone say soapy wooder???!!

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell For 1 år siden

    “When friends come over the

  • iruledaworld333
    iruledaworld333 For 1 år siden

    The fact that the company made a print for Berm Creek is honestly amazing and it looks great!

  • Benjamin Parsons
    Benjamin Parsons For 1 år siden

    “ 8% easier”🧐😂

  • Deepak Sankhyan
    Deepak Sankhyan For 3 md. siden

    when friends come over, this is usually the machete I reach for

  • Aaro Ajalin
    Aaro Ajalin For 1 år siden

    You should partner up with circlesquarediamond and make a complete map when ur done with this berm peak

  • bdgpgj077
    bdgpgj077 For 1 år siden

    Where's todays vid?

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    KoombaKing 27 For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    Drama: Barks