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  • 17. apr. 2020

  • Lately, we've been working on infrastructure projects like forest roads and improvements to the flight deck, but it's all in preparation for something big! Today, we'll prepare Berm Peak for an all new zone of downhill mountain bike trails. Berm Peak Merch Check out our second channel: Berm Peak Playlist Berm Creek Playlist Instagram Facebook Music in this video is from and #DIY #mountainbiking I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this. Advertising disclosure: All of these videos contain products, logos, or mentions associated with Diamondback Bicycles. Whether or not the video itself was sponsored by Diamondback, they do support this channel, and by extension, every video on it.


  • Nathan Beyeler
    Nathan Beyeler For 7 md. siden

    When do we get “Seth, trail king” Netflix series?

  • Franco Hugo
    Franco Hugo For 7 md. siden

    Can anyone relate: how satisfying it to watch the gator drops when he shovels the gravel on it

  • Simon B
    Simon B For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    When the harmonica song comes in, you know it’s about to get real...

  • Horizon
    Horizon For 7 md. siden

    If this was a Netflix series I would binge watch it

  • Harry's Corner of the Internet
    Harry's Corner of the Internet For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    i think theres going to be a lot of crashes, petition to call it "doomshangle thickets"

  • Hudson Ball
    Hudson Ball For 7 md. siden

    You need to build a massive sized jump feature and call it the "Moon Jump!" since it's in Moonshangle thickets.

  • Big Truck Big RV
    Big Truck Big RV For 7 md. siden

    Crazy how walking downhill is harder than riding downhill

  • Jeff Ffej
    Jeff Ffej For 7 md. siden (redigert)


  • Corey2base
    Corey2base For 7 md. siden

    “You have unlocked a new sector of the map”

  • ImFreyja
    ImFreyja For 7 md. siden

    Does anyone remember wen he left his old house, now he has done all of this in just 9 months

  • Ryan Gerlach
    Ryan Gerlach For 7 md. siden

    Watching you lift. "Lift with your legs,not your back." Stay safe homie.

  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalot For 7 md. siden

    You gotta put a "Low Flying Bikes" sign in the driveway.

  • jonChao chao
    jonChao chao For 7 md. siden

    Actually Seth, you want the woodpecker to do its job, as the wood “doctor”, there are must be worms in the log which the pecker is after, the worms will do much more harms to the log than the pecker will ever do.

  • Ivan Bourke
    Ivan Bourke For 5 md. siden

    Hi Seth I’m from Scotland I have built a bike trail in my garden, inspired by you!

  • Brian Slater
    Brian Slater For 7 md. siden

    Hey Seth, no apologies necessary for a "slow" couple of weeks. I find your trail maintenance videos just as interesting and educational as your feature builds. In fact, I'd love to learn more about exactly how you choose your paths. Like why you cut through one log, but might choose to go around another. How do you decide where to make a trail turn?

  • Seat Time
    Seat Time For 7 md. siden

    Bring the Fast and Steep!

  • Kaydin Zeigler
    Kaydin Zeigler For 7 md. siden

    Seth living the best life during quarantine.

  • Bluefire397
    Bluefire397 For 7 md. siden

    Imagine if he actually built a proper chairlift / gondola to get back up, that would be awesome

  • Jacob McDonough09
    Jacob McDonough09 For 7 md. siden

    i have trails in my backyard to and i started building them when i saw one of your vids for the first time

  • Alexander Buchanan
    Alexander Buchanan For 7 md. siden

    “Before we screw ourselves up, let’s screw things in”