Porsche 911 turbo drive and review. The legendary '80s Porsche 930 Last ned

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  • 28. mai 2015

  • 1989 Porsche turbo, the 930, 5-speed gearbox. 160mph, 5.0sec 0-60 Many thanks to: http://www.footmanjames.co.uk http://www.silverstoneauctions.com http://www.classicandsportsfinance.com


    GHOSTJERKER For 4 år siden

    I remember driving a 4 speed. Off boost was hilariously slow but when it kicked in it was rush! 1st gear Almost went to 60 mph and 2nd gear 90 mph. I never even got into 3rd lol...

  • SD EDC
    SD EDC For 5 år siden

    Harry must be the coolest rich uncle ever.

  • Can Tavukçuoğlu
    Can Tavukçuoğlu For 5 år siden

    930, Countach, Testarossa, Zonda. This man completed life.

  • gwynn romano
    gwynn romano For 2 år siden

    As a former Porsche tech I can tell anyone who is interested in one of these, be sure you are pointed towards where you want to be when the turbo spools up. You’ll be there shortly.

  • N37BU6
    N37BU6 For 5 år siden

    Best car videos on YouTube, no question.

  • Lawrence FS
    Lawrence FS For 2 år siden (redigert)


  • Montenegro ZETA
    Montenegro ZETA For 5 år siden

    That place where you live is beautifull!

  • MacXpert74
    MacXpert74 For 3 år siden

    I still think this is the best looking 911 Turbo. I like the shape of the classic 911 Turbo a lot more than the more aerodynamic version of the 90s and beyond.

  • YaDig
    YaDig For 5 år siden

    Harry, you sexy sexy man.

  • wes2705
    wes2705 For 3 år siden (redigert)

    My father has the 89 911 wide body carrera 3.2 non turbo a truly stunning car convertable in gun metal grey, he bought it off a lady friend who never drove it and he didnt have the money to buy it at the time however i did have the money so i arranged it so he could have his dream car the proudest moment of my life👍

  • PeowPeowPeowLasers
    PeowPeowPeowLasers For 5 år siden

    Another great video but seriously let down by the audio quality.  Put a lapel mic on, with a small windshield, so we can hear what you're saying.

  • Mark Pitchford
    Mark Pitchford For 5 år siden

    I love your enthusiasm. The look on your face and the tone in your voice just exudes what makes 911's special.

  • Geardos
    Geardos For 5 år siden

    IMO one of the best looking 911s. Love that spoiler, so unique.

  • Dontcallmeshirley
    Dontcallmeshirley For 5 år siden

    Countach, Testarossa, 911 Turbo...  Memories of my childhood... from Test Drive (C64). :)

  • GROMarch
    GROMarch For 5 år siden

    Hi Harry! Great video I have a 930 1987 and a 911 1984. One thing... never lift the hood without first moving the wiper!!

  • gtiman
    gtiman For 5 år siden

    Thank you so much for the great content. The 930 was and still is a fantastic car.

  • Gregor Tegeltija
    Gregor Tegeltija For 5 år siden

    New video from Harry's garage!!! The evening couldn't be more perfect :D

  • ZondaF355
    ZondaF355 For 5 år siden

    Harry's new in depth reviews always make my day! Thanks as always Harry from a long time EVO reader from the states.

  • Terry Orcutt
    Terry Orcutt For 1 år siden

    "Tea tray spoiler" Interesting. It was always called the "whale tail" in the US.

  • TheSimpagen
    TheSimpagen For 3 år siden

    i swear i love those rims