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  • 28. mai 2017

  • I decided to do this cut from John Mellencamp's 9th studio album The Lonesome Jubilee in open G (capo on the 2nd fret) just because. Many of Mellencamp's songs are such great candidates for this tuning. It's not perfect as the signature chord progression really is three chords, but I still think it works. It's a simple but well orchestrated song...just the way we like it!


    JUNGLE JIM For 3 år siden (redigert)

    Tell me something, are you in standard tuning? Sure sounds like something different. Of course I haven't tried it yet I'm just sitting without a guitar listening, but it seems to be a different tuning than standard. Not a drop D but something of that nature! I would LOVE to know lol It sounds KILLER!!!

  • Brian Pcionek
    Brian Pcionek For 6 md. siden

    Try an up-strum on the two sus chords for more tension.

  • R.L Lynch
    R.L Lynch For 2 år siden

    I think studio version is std tuning -capo 2nd fret but open g works too. You can do some slide work improv with the open g tuning.

  • 「eMiuaN」
    「eMiuaN」 For 3 år siden

    Nice cover!