Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Cusco // Alternative Rainbow Mountain Tour // 50-minute hike Last ned

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  • 11. sep. 2018

  • The Alternative Rainbow Mountain Tour in Cusco is one of the top things to do in Cusco. Since Cusco’s rainbow mountains have been discovered a couple of years ago, they have been gained increasing popularity. However, you should know that his is not the typical tour to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, but the alternative to the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain (for more info on the comparison check out The Vinicunca trek and the typical rainbow mountain are beautiful (especially when you connect the tour with the red valley as we do), but due to its popularity and accessibility it has become insanely crowded. The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour is a short 1-hour hike (we’ve also had clients hike up in 30 minutes), which is nothing hardcore and also doable for “normal” travellers, not just for experienced hikers. The most important thing is to get acclimated to Cusco’s altitude in order to avoid the so called altitude sickness (for tips check out In general, we recommend arriving to Cusco 2-3 days before doing a high-altitude trek so your body can get used to the altitude. The surrounding nature of the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is beautiful and you will not see just one rainbow mountain but three, that’s why some people call this tour “Tres Rainbows tour”. And the best about it all? There are no large tourist groups around (we promise!). Unlike the Vinicunca trek, where the masses go, the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is still a rather new and untouched attraction. During our tour, we always try to organize a llama or an alpaca that accompanies our travellers during the tour. This has become possible through our collaboration with the local community (, paying them accordingly for this service (unfortunately many agencies take their service for granted and don’t pay the locals at all). You will also learn a lot more about their daily lifestyle and their traditions and customs. This Rainbow Mountain tour offers a unique combination, as you get to know the impressive Andean mountain landscape and the local culture at the same time. Are you ready for an authentic experience with no crowds around? This tour is amazing for everybody, no matter if you’re a solo traveler, a couple, a family or a group of friends travelling together. For more info please check: Follow us on Instagram for more travel inspiration about Peru: