Overbefolkning og Afrika Last ned

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  • 15. des. 2019

  • Kilder og videre lesning: https://sites.google.com/view/sources... I det meste av vår historie vokste den menneskelige befolkningen sakte. Inntil nye funn førte til oss mer mat og fikk oss til å leve lenger. På bare hundre år firedoblet den menneskelige befolkningen seg. Dette førte til apokalyptiske visjoner om en overfylt jord. Men befolkningsvekstnivået toppet faktisk på 1960-tallet. Siden den gang har fruktbarhetsraten krasjet når land industrialiserer seg og utvikler seg. Verdensbefolkningen forventes nå å balansere ut på rundt 11 milliarder kroner ved slutten av århundret. Men det store bildet skjuler detaljene. La oss se nærmere på en region: Afrika sør for Sahara. I 2019 var det hjem til en milliard mennesker som bodde i 46 land. Selv om veksttakten har avtatt de siste tiårene, er den fremdeles mye høyere enn i resten av verden. Mens noen anslag forventer at rundt 2,6 milliarder mennesker regner andre med opptil 5 milliarder innen 2100. Slik vekst ville være en enorm utfordring for ethvert samfunn. Men Afrika sør for Sahara er også den fattigste regionen på jorden. Så er Afrika sør for Sahara dømt? Og hvorfor varierer anslagene med 2,4 milliarder mennesker? Støtt oss på Patreon slik at vi kan lage flere videoer (og få kule ting tilbake): https://www.patreon.com/Kurzgesagt?ty=h Stødig: https://steadyhq.com/de/kurzgesagt Varer: https://shop.kurzgesagt.org Nyhetsbrev: http://eepurl.com/cRUQxz Facebook: http://bit.ly/1NB6U5O Twitter: http://bit.ly/2DDeT83 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2DEN7r3 Uenighet: https://discord.gg/cB7ycdv The Voice of Kurzgesagt: Steve Taylor: http://voice-pool.com/en/english/ Musikken til videoen her: Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2Pgk5mD Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2Ebipoa Youtube: https://bit.ly/34h7YKl Facebook: http://bit.ly/2qW6bY4 TAKK MYE TIL VÅRE ELSKE PATRONER FOR Å STØTTE OSS: Patrick Hall, Evan Wenden, riz, Nick Rose, Kevin, Patrick Huizinga, Mike Chang, Deddy Jobson, David Nir, Danny Mill, Kai Hebeler, Gabriel Averett, Pierre Xavier, Rohan Kapoor, Bray Demonbreun, Olivier L, Jared Capelle, Mike , Pierre Krenn, Kristofer Kirss, The Captain, Имяя Фамилияя, Marie Samira, Hekmon, Dsurian, Martina, William Wold, Carston Cook, Daniel Bruce, Milan Juza, michal pol, Dmitry Sadakov, Brian Tieskoetter, kagami suigin, Rosamelia, Amir Johnson , Spencer Byars, Jarrod Parsons, Tayler Martin, bmwniquester, Saito Nakamura, Arnulf Kraan, Emilia Liu, Roosevelt Perry, Frank Blood, Máté Szabó, Kasper Kylmälä, Zach Riddle, Damian Campbell, XeleX55, Johann Pardanaud, Cemil Urganci, 3N


  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell For 9 md. siden (redigert)

    Seriously. Why are we making videos like this? This topic was a nightmare. How do you talk about a continent as diverse as Africa, to explain larger trends? Not only is there a wide variety of sources, experts disagree with each other on what they can predict about the future. So the time we took to rewrite this script over and over was insane.

  • Mike Rix Wolfe
    Mike Rix Wolfe For 9 md. siden

    "without generalizing, this video would be an hour long"

  • Ag Jr
    Ag Jr For 4 md. siden (redigert)


  • Francisco Fragoeiro
    Francisco Fragoeiro For 4 md. siden

    Even in some parts of Europe there was a huge demographic shift since the 50s. My father has 12 siblings. I have one sister.

  • Ali
    Ali For 1 md. siden

    As I'm living in Namibia I can say "investments" from other countries will go straight to the president and politicians' pockets, not the economy. Corruption is law here and in SA

  • Merica Man
    Merica Man For 3 md. siden

    Every 60 seconds in africa, a minute passes.

  • Ville Garvén
    Ville Garvén For 9 md. siden

    ”This video would be about 1 hour long.”

  • Mbongeni Mlalazi
    Mbongeni Mlalazi For 4 md. siden

    As an African I can tell you there is very little chance we will replicate Asia. Reason being the abundant corruption that plagues our countries. As long as our countries are ruled by liberation parties that believe they are owed for the years the fought for ‘“liberation’ and also charismatic leaders, a small African elite will benefit from any economic investment. We need to rid ourselves of the ruling elite and put forward selfless educated young minds. This will create the knock on effect that will lead to economic development and everything suggested by this video. Unfortunately our leadership is here to stay and the west and China are happy doing business with them. There is more to this and as u said it’s complicated. The only way out I think is mass revolutions

  • shoof
    shoof For 4 md. siden

    "This video would be an hour long"

  • 3r1N Lyn
    3r1N Lyn For 5 md. siden

    actually, this video also made me realize why Japan has such a low birth rate. Thank you!

  • Paul Chong
    Paul Chong For 6 md. siden

    could you do a video on whether foreign aid actually helps?

  • Michael Sebsbe
    Michael Sebsbe For 7 md. siden

    I am from Ethiopia and within the few seconds of your mention of Ethiopia, the visuals were very accurate, the black lion statue the churches, the buildings in the background (The African Union Headquarters), the dress the lady was wearing with the traditional pattern and the smiling boy on our currency (birr) was Truly impressive. Thank you guys for doing intensive research on your amazing videos!

  • Ultimatum Tech
    Ultimatum Tech For 4 md. siden

    I'm a Nigerian, my grandfather at 18 children, even though he wasn't educated all his children are educated, I agree with the video, education is the best way to get out of poverty.

  • Muhammad Abdullah Waseem
    Muhammad Abdullah Waseem For 3 md. siden

    So remember kids, always use a condom

  • Get To The Point Already
    Get To The Point Already For 3 md. siden

    Excellent video. What hits home to me the most is the statement:

  • LUX Alexander
    LUX Alexander For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    I’m from Bangladesh and they actually have system where they give free education to women till graduation and sometimes even free healthcare in some cases

  • Fallout Mc Gee69
    Fallout Mc Gee69 For 9 md. siden

    “Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.”

  • Ryfqy Rahmansyah
    Ryfqy Rahmansyah For 4 md. siden

    "Sub saharan africa doesn't need pity or gift" i kinda love with this statement

  • Kira Marie
    Kira Marie For 6 md. siden

    Most women, when asked directly, are very interested in having the ability to choose when they can become pregnant. I didn't say anything about the number of children, but just the ability to space out births and to delay the birth of the first child would have an effect on population growth, and culturally as well.

  • Alex
    Alex For 5 md. siden

    LoL, they don't talk about the actual problem they're facing: Corruption. Most people actually do want to be better off but the gov. systematically hampers development.