MY EX-WIFE hooked UP with MY GIRLFRIEND Last ned

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  • 22. feb. 2020

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  • Roberts Gaming
    Roberts Gaming For 7 md. siden

    Hi, Jake You don’t probably know me, but i’ve been in a wheelchair for most of my life. And today I finally stood up and walked, to turn Your videos off.

  • Ashley Blind
    Ashley Blind For 6 md. siden

    Remember when he used to bleep the cuss words out

  • icant•saveus
    icant•saveus For 6 md. siden

    this man went of the rails after him and erika broke up.

  • Ameya Pathak
    Ameya Pathak For 6 md. siden

    I came after a few years to see how he’s doing.

  • Kennie Thomas
    Kennie Thomas For 6 md. siden

    Okay, forget jake, think about TYDUS, he is around all this crazy nonsense, I just hope tydus doesn’t grow up to be jake.

  • opativity
    opativity For 8 md. siden

    The fact that he still has a fan base surprises me

  • Swanky
    Swanky For 6 md. siden

    I love how all of these comments are hating because his actual fans can’t type words

  • Crystal Tran
    Crystal Tran For 6 md. siden

    It’s kinda sad how he’s turned out. Came back for a year just to see this....

  • Blueberry_Pie
    Blueberry_Pie For 5 md. siden

    I feel bad for Shane, He 100% wasted his time trying to help Jake when all Jake wanted was more clout, fame and money.

  • Lindzi Bermudez
    Lindzi Bermudez For 5 md. siden

    i remember when jake was family friendly, and now this

  • C.J Makes Videos
    C.J Makes Videos For 7 md. siden

    I come back after a year to see what this man is doing I regret everything.

  • Nyla Marie
    Nyla Marie For 6 md. siden

    Am I the only one that feels bad for the shark getting all of Jake's nasty ass puke on him

  • Charlotte Ruby
    Charlotte Ruby For 6 md. siden

    So basically, Jake is living the frat boy life...without the University part

  • Lina?
    Lina? For 6 md. siden

    Im so glad they broke up I was literally scared for tana

  • That_rat Scree
    That_rat Scree For 6 md. siden

    He’s on drugs that is absolutely 100 percent true

  • Everenferno
    Everenferno For 7 md. siden

    Notice how the people around him are all different from like a year ago

  • Lps Dog Queens
    Lps Dog Queens For 6 md. siden


  • Wowzers Mina
    Wowzers Mina For 6 md. siden


  • Vulturelikes games
    Vulturelikes games For 4 md. siden

    What has this channel become, family friendly to porn right there.

  • anna needs help
    anna needs help For 6 md. siden

    it annoys me that children watch this and look up to him 😔