Most Dangerous Gym fails Compilation | Gym workouts going wrong. Last ned

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  • 4. nov. 2017

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  • Deck Panganiban
    Deck Panganiban For 3 md. siden

    Imagine if you put all these people in one gym. 😂

  • Łīmbø
    Łīmbø For 1 md. siden

    “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

  • Supreme Luck
    Supreme Luck For 3 uker siden

    Impressed that the first person didn't shatter the mirror with that fall

  • DatVince
    DatVince For 2 uker siden

    Remember, kids: Attempting and failing at an ego lift is a million times more cringe than lifting lighter weights that you could do good form with.

  • Lee Dreyer
    Lee Dreyer For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    Y is no one talkin bout

  • WesleyAPEX
    WesleyAPEX For 1 år siden

    The guy at

  • Little T
    Little T For 2 uker siden (redigert)


  • randy vela
    randy vela For 3 uker siden

    Boy can barely stand on his own and you expect him to squat that😭😂😂😂

  • Cotton Mather
    Cotton Mather For 2 uker siden


  • Vicente Mendez
    Vicente Mendez For 1 dag siden

    The partners are idiots too because they don’t know how to react

  • Zach Breeden
    Zach Breeden For 2 md. siden

    The moral of the story: Don't lift weights to impress people, but lift weights to get stronger.

  • Jamal Dashanique
    Jamal Dashanique For 3 uker siden

    The second guy's spotter is damn useless

  • Tsar Alester
    Tsar Alester For 3 uker siden

    "A man's got to know his own limitations"

  • Maart En
    Maart En For 3 uker siden


  • Cat Gaming
    Cat Gaming For 5 dager siden (redigert)

    Imagine having more muscles than braincells

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films For 4 md. siden

    Why the Hell are people doing these alone??

  • Suchada Milanata
    Suchada Milanata For 2 dager siden

    No one gonna talk about worm guy from MIB in human suit lifting weights like a boss

  • Hal
    Hal For 2 uker siden

    One thing to learn: Dont test the waters without a spotter

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover For 1 md. siden


  • Daniel Quiroz
    Daniel Quiroz For 3 uker siden

    Ever hear...."Showing off is the Fool's idea of Glory"???