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  • 28. sep. 2019

  • Memories Guitar Cover Maroon 5 🎸|Tabs + Chords| ★☆★100% FREE CHORD & SONGWRITING eBOOK★☆★ - Welcome to this Maroon 5 Memories Guitar Cover! Play along and see how you go. :) Enjoy! Like the #Memories video by #Maroon5 and subscribe to the channel for more videos in the future! If you want to learn how to play this song with step-by-step easy instructions then head over to the tutorial video here - -Dave T SUBSCRIBE : 💯GZ2H PREMIUM COURSE + FINGERSTYLE 💯 ► GuitarZero2Hero Premium is a complete step-by-step online course. ► Learn chords, scales, solo playing, fingerpicking, and much more. ► 🎸 THE GEAR I USE 🎸 ► GUITAR : Cole Clark Angel 2 - ► AMP : Boss Katana 50 - ► STRINGS : Elixir Phosphor Bronze .12 - .53 - ► CAPO : G7th - ► PICKS : Grover Allman Jazz XL 1.14mm - ► MIC 1 : Rode NTG3 - ► MIC 2 : Rode NT3 - ► REC INTERFACE : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - ► CAMERA : Sony A7iii - ► LENS : Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 - ► ALL MY OTHER GEAR - OFFICIAL VIDEO + OTHER COVERS: ► ► ►


  • Melissa Aguilar
    Melissa Aguilar For 1 år siden

    This is amazing 😭 🥺you litterally have all the songs I’m trying to learn ❤️

  • Dishant Chandgude
    Dishant Chandgude For 1 år siden

    Here's to the ones that we got

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa For 3 md. siden

    I cannot say thank you enough, you put so much content on here to learn from. From all the songs I love and want to learn to play.

  • Zanxio
    Zanxio For 1 år siden

    I've been trying to learn how to play guitar for months now, hopefully i can play as good as you in the future 😊

  • TheSmartboy30 Lodolo
    TheSmartboy30 Lodolo For 10 md. siden

    Very good- thank you so much for this version with the original chords and picking pattern!!!

  • Fa.Ma. Di Marigonda Gino
    Fa.Ma. Di Marigonda Gino For 1 år siden

    Always great ❤️! Your channel is always updated with the last songs, everything is set as easier as possible, and always sounds great 💪🏻.

  • Tobias Wagner
    Tobias Wagner For 1 år siden

    Great cover, thanks a lot for your knowledge , that everybody is able to play it at home. You're a gift for the music world 😘🍀

  • Tagay ka Muna Pre
    Tagay ka Muna Pre For 1 år siden

    Kinda sounds like canon doesnt it?

  • Johnson Zhou
    Johnson Zhou For 1 år siden

    I love how James Valentine plays it higher up the neck with that ending E and F#.

  • jiahao moxing
    jiahao moxing For 11 md. siden

    Hi, Thanks for this great guitar tutorial. At

  • W Savage
    W Savage For 9 md. siden

    I LOVE this song❣❣

  • Pracheen G
    Pracheen G For 7 md. siden

    can you please make a tutorial on "Main Kya Karoon" from the Bollywood movie Barfi, it uses Brazilian Bossa nova style and has amazing guitar progression. Please look into if you can. Thanks

  • Oilligor
    Oilligor For 4 md. siden

    You're the best !

  • Joem Salado
    Joem Salado For 1 år siden

    This is what I am waiting for! 😍

  • Mirokel TV
    Mirokel TV For 3 md. siden

    Love your vids man keep it up, Pls do tutorial for Santeria too...

  • Adso TRIPODI
    Adso TRIPODI For 6 md. siden

    Really good tutorials, about every of your videos.

  • Random Wierdo
    Random Wierdo For 11 md. siden (redigert)

    Amazing sir! .. Thanks a lot for the tabs

  • bjorn irang
    bjorn irang For 1 år siden

    Ur smile at the end of the viddd.... Soooo cutee hihi anyways... U play soo good and u inspire alot of ppl soo keep it up herooo :)

  • ifalen tatontos
    ifalen tatontos For 11 md. siden

    oo my goshh!! THANKYOU SOOOO MUCHHH ❤❤

  • Prince Iswarary
    Prince Iswarary For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    Omg so helpful video ❤❤❤ all things in a single video 🙏🙏🙏 love from INDIA 🇮🇳