Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride - Acoustic Cover - Danny McEvoy Last ned

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  • 31. mar. 2019

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  • Ezwryy
    Ezwryy For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Yesss im first 😂

  • Rain cloud Ramone
    Rain cloud Ramone For 1 år siden

    I used to think the lyrics were "break my spine" A common mistake.... Probably 😂

  • Kilian Mundt
    Kilian Mundt For 3 uker siden (redigert)

    Damn you are really crazy good👍

  • Faith Manning
    Faith Manning For 11 md. siden

    Wow I love the original so much and this was just as amazing in its own way. Love his voice ❤️

  • chris Chris
    chris Chris For 1 år siden

    Great cover and video. Very talented.

    ARDALEAN For 1 år siden

    Awesome Video!

  • Clayton Cunningham
    Clayton Cunningham For 8 md. siden


  • Gerry Soeria Soemantri
    Gerry Soeria Soemantri For 7 md. siden

    How old are u mate?

  • Karma
    Karma For 1 år siden

    Your facebook page didn't have the chords is it possible for you to post them here or on your facebook please?

  • M M H M M H
    M M H M M H For 1 år siden

    Goood video