Martin Solveig Vs Skepta & JME - Thats Not Me Intoxicated (Alex Ross VIP Remix) Last ned

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  • 11. okt. 2015

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    LMABLACK For 10 md. siden

    This actually slaps 2020 gang

  • Josh Payne
    Josh Payne For 4 år siden

    needs to be on spotify

  • ayeza irfan
    ayeza irfan For 3 md. siden

    would sell my kidney to hear this in the club again

  • W z
    W z For 7 md. siden

    Surprised this hasn’t found its way to TikTok yet

  • ALJ 1927
    ALJ 1927 For 4 år siden

    This gets played at the nightclub I work at in Cardiff every Monday and over 600 people jump and bounce to this its a floor filler alright👍

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor For 4 år siden

    This is sexy as if your wearing headphones

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson For 4 år siden

    put in on Spotify please soo good!!!!!!!!

  • Tegan Amos
    Tegan Amos For 4 år siden

    The nightclub Tokyo ,Huddersfield , every Wednesday night the floor is shaking because off this song , absolute tuneee!

  • Dan Pullen
    Dan Pullen For 3 år siden (redigert)

    How to get this song on Spotify. (you have to be a premium member to to this, I think!)

  • LRS Aqua
    LRS Aqua For 3 år siden

    This song make me want to wake my friend up and tell him I'm going to sleep

  • charlie lewington
    charlie lewington For 5 år siden

    actual banger

  • Ben Cahill
    Ben Cahill For 4 år siden

    They played this at Jumping Jacks in Tenerife and the club went off. Amazing remix and extremely satisfying when played loud! Actually made me look into Skepta and the Grime scene afterwards.

  • Chris McGee
    Chris McGee For 1 år siden

    Listens to Skepta once, becomes roadman.

  • Omar Kheraifia
    Omar Kheraifia For 10 md. siden

    Done JME dirty, good tune though

  • TJ Pauly
    TJ Pauly For 5 år siden


  • Connor
    Connor For 4 år siden

    I found this song cuz someone on an Arma 3 Life Roleplay server was playing it on the radio XD

  • Thomas Thygesen
    Thomas Thygesen For 4 år siden

    it piss me of that this is not on the itunes or Apple Music/Spotify

  • Urban Music Central
    Urban Music Central For 4 år siden

    Can't believe there is more than 500,000 views for this video its so cool !

  • Doge Coin
    Doge Coin For 1 år siden

    Bruv this song reminds me of goin house parties in 2015 maaaad

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones For 5 md. siden

    Why isn’t this on Spotify yet🥺