Made This Mountain Bike Feel Brand New for Under $600 Last ned

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  • 10. mai 2020

  • The new SHIMANO DEORE 12 speed has landed and I managed to snag myself a full kit....which I promptly gave to my pal, Chris! Now he has an essentially brand new bike, all thanks to this groupset. Check out the new SHIMANO DEORE here 👉 Follow me on Instagram too: @paulthepunter Thanks to Dan for helping me out: Connect with me on Strava: Thanks to my sponsors Scott Sports, Shimano, Whistler Performance Lubricants and OneUp Components. 🚲Check Out Bike Details Below: Scott Genius 👉 Shimano: XTR 👉 XT 👉 Saint 👉 Whistler Performance Lubricants 👉 OneUp Components: Dropper Post: EDC Tool: OneUP Handlebar & Stem: 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🌎


  • Paul The Punter
    Paul The Punter For 6 md. siden

    Yes yes, we put a few more things on than just the DEORE groupset...but I was just feeling nice. 😉Check it out here 👉

  • Rémy Métailler
    Rémy Métailler For 6 md. siden

    Ahahah good one. I remember filming with Chris in 2013 when he had a trashed Specialized Demo 2010 with no more transmission, play everywhere, no brake pads on the front, a huge bubble on the rear break, and basically the bike was un rideable, but he will still bomb down fire roads to come and shoot out Whistler Bike Park edits! Hard worker and great dude he is!

  • Sigurd Flaatten
    Sigurd Flaatten For 6 md. siden

    "Brand new for under $600" - adds $600 more in unspecified parts to achieve the effect....

  • Nichole Johansen
    Nichole Johansen For 6 md. siden

    Dude I wish I was sponsored by Shimano that's like a blessing

  • endurobroo
    endurobroo For 6 md. siden

    everything is shimano?

  • Mythix2
    Mythix2 For 6 md. siden (redigert)

    "just slap this new drivetrain on your old bike"

  • elorz007
    elorz007 For 6 md. siden

    At some point I was expecting: "and the frame is cracked so I took this one I have lying around"

  • Mannie Action Sports
    Mannie Action Sports For 6 md. siden

    wait a second, youre telling me that they had the right hanger in stock?!

  • Timothy RC
    Timothy RC For 6 md. siden

    Nice one Paul, using your sponsorship to help out your friends like that. I hope you do really help Dan out too 🤣. Nice little heart warmer 🤘

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan For 6 md. siden


  • Kayne Johnston
    Kayne Johnston For 3 md. siden


  • Benjamin Rozier
    Benjamin Rozier For 6 md. siden

    PLEAAAAAAAASE tell me where I can get that foam for the internal cable routing

  • Carolina Speedworks
    Carolina Speedworks For 6 md. siden

    Hmmmmm don’t know if I’m watching Paul or Bobo....

  • Douwe
    Douwe For 6 md. siden

    This guy needs to give his suspension some service out of respect to his "new" bike.

  • Dino Deljusa
    Dino Deljusa For 6 md. siden

    Everyone be like: I wish I was sponsored by shimano

  • Benson Buala
    Benson Buala For 6 md. siden

    You're a truly real friend Sir Paul! Can you imagine you gave your brandnew dropper post just to make your friend bike work properly! A very kind friend!

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith For 6 md. siden

    Had to have added several links to the chain for that kind of droop. Or it was improperly sized in the first place. And those guide brakes work great when they are bled. Also sram shifting is pretty nice too if your derailleur hanger isnt bent. He had a nice kit already, would be nice if he just took care of it and didnt treat it like disposable commodity.

  • The Crashing Dad
    The Crashing Dad For 6 md. siden

    *Paul, the Dobrik of MTB 😎

  • António Coragem
    António Coragem For 6 md. siden

    He is so happy....

  • Straight Line MTB
    Straight Line MTB For 6 md. siden

    That rear derailleur looks high end. Love the new Shimano 12 speed.