KSI vs Logan Paul 2 (Official Fight Trailer) Last ned

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  • 25. okt. 2019

  • TICKETS ON SALE NOW: http://axs.com/KSILoganPaul2 WATCH LIVE ON DAZN: http://bit.ly/KSILoganPaul2 WATCH LIVE ON SKY SPORTS: https://sky.com/boxoffice Footasylum: https://footasylum.com Scuf Gaming: http://scuf.co/KSI Edited by James Culverhouse YouTube: http://youtube.com/c/jamescdzn Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamescdzn


  • Doug V
    Doug V For 10 md. siden

    “Talent can take your far, but hard work can take you anywhere” - KSI 2019

  • Elvis Stangroom
    Elvis Stangroom For 10 md. siden

    Who’s here after he won

  • King king
    King king For 5 md. siden

    ksi vs joe weller- the thrilling beginning

  • abdul anifowoshe
    abdul anifowoshe For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    “Talent can get you far but hard work can take you anywhere”

  • Bradley Underhill
    Bradley Underhill For 10 md. siden

    Here after KSI won, they both fought hard but KSI deserved that.

  • Mykie DYDSS
    Mykie DYDSS For 10 md. siden

    "Talent can get you far, but hard work can take you anywhere."

  • Fyre Terra
    Fyre Terra For 10 md. siden

    This trailer makes the first fight look like it was set up.

  • TBomBBahamas
    TBomBBahamas For 10 md. siden

    I love watching this trailer now knowing that KSI won

  • ItsEthan
    ItsEthan For 10 md. siden

    if this fight doesn't go in YouTube rewind then...

  • Ballistic_Fury
    Ballistic_Fury For 10 md. siden

    When logan gets nervous he trys to make jj solve a math problem.

  • Phxntom
    Phxntom For 10 md. siden

    Everyone's talking about who's gonna win when I'm just impressed by the overall edit

  • Exploring With Danny
    Exploring With Danny For 10 md. siden

    Good job ksi big love bro♥️🏆

  • Fares Aser
    Fares Aser For 10 md. siden

    Logan “I’m much better of a performer and athlete”

    KAABA For 10 md. siden

    KSI has won!!!

  • GB
    GB For 9 md. siden


  • M D
    M D For 10 md. siden

    “Talent can get you far, but hard work can take you anywhere.”

  • IzyChex
    IzyChex For 10 md. siden

    I’ve already seen the fight but this still gave me goosebumps

    MEDO TV XXX For 10 md. siden

    I used to be a loganpaul fan but not no more IM A KSI FAN

    YA GURL For 10 md. siden

    Best avengers trailer I have seen so far

    ITZFLAMECHAINZ For 10 md. siden

    Who's here after the defeat of logan paul 😂