Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk Last ned

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  • 7. mai 2020

  • Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.


  • Josh Fugate
    Josh Fugate For 6 md. siden

    Elon and Joe, I am a quadriplegic. I had a C5 spinal cord injury on June 18th, 2018. I’m paralyzed and have no movement in my fingers, triceps, or anything from the chest down. I can feel pressure in some places, but have no sense of temperature when it comes to below my injury. I have no bowel or bladder function either. Apart from that, I’m currently 20 and a freshman at Indiana University. Is there anywhere I can try and petition or sign up to help you with the trial? I am healthy and young with a sharp mind and I’d be willing to assist in any possible way I can. I also have a few questions, you reference the device interfacing into the motor cortex of the brain, but the injury is in the spinal cord which is not part of the brain. The information transmitting from my motor cortex is still working because I can still move my head and shoulders but not my legs because my spinal cord’s neurons being damaged is what is blocking the information from my motor cortex. So I’m confused on how it would repair limb functionality in quadriplegia based on the brain alone. My twitter is josh_fugate13 please reach out if you can! Thank you!

    FILANDRIANOS For 1 md. siden

    You can actually learn a lot from this interview.

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain For 1 uke siden

    Joe might be the best conversationalist ever. He can interview the smartest people on earth and the next day get high with his friends and talk about Chimps

  • Art OF NY
    Art OF NY For 2 uker siden

    Only Joe could interview Elon Musk. He’s really good at keeping the conversation from becoming awkward.

  • Ashles from Down Under
    Ashles from Down Under For 1 md. siden

    Plot twist: Elon Musk is selling off his possessions because he is planning on leaving the planet 😆

  • Daniel khan
    Daniel khan For 6 md. siden

    Elon's wife : talk dirty to me

    RUREDY2ROK For 2 md. siden

    I like how Elon always seems spaced out but hes actually a genius.

  • Cameron Ohlin
    Cameron Ohlin For 1 md. siden

    Imagine being like "I could build a Tony Stark house, or get us to Mars".

  • Damieennn
    Damieennn For 1 md. siden

    Dude is real life Tony Stark with no ego.

  • Trent Thompson
    Trent Thompson For 3 uker siden

    Elons face looks like he knows something terrible and he cant tell us. Almost frustrated

  • Chinsy Mcgee
    Chinsy Mcgee For 6 md. siden

    Daddy? Why is my brother named elk meat?

  • Kate Ran
    Kate Ran For 1 md. siden

    Elon asking how we became sentient from hydrogen and Joe starts talking about a video he saw of a monkey on a motorcycle. That tickled me in just the right way.

  • Deluxuryy
    Deluxuryy For 3 uker siden

    he strings his sentences together like lines of code

  • Allison Lowe
    Allison Lowe For 2 dager siden

    Elon Musk is holding back his intelligence, by far.... it almost seems he’s hesitant to truly open up. I love it, but mostly, I respect the shit out of it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • theCathers
    theCathers For 4 uker siden

    Elon: “We are a brain in a vat and the vat is our skull”

  • Georgin Kaniyaly
    Georgin Kaniyaly For 6 md. siden

    Elon: returns to JRE Podcast

  • Conrad G
    Conrad G For 1 md. siden

    Elons shirt is underrated

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller For 1 uke siden

    "I think we're extremely close to opening the country, a few weeks out"

  • yeet today
    yeet today For 1 md. siden

    joe should have said “and i stomp on the electricity”

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    Joe Rogan:Who made the name