Joe Rogan Experience #1468 - Alonzo Bodden Last ned

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  • 1. mai 2020

  • Alonzo Bodden is a stand up comedian and also the winner of Last Comic Standing Season 3. Check out his podcast called “Who’s Paying Attention” available via Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.


  • FyrFytr998
    FyrFytr998 For 3 md. siden

    Lol, I want to thank Joe and Alonzo for their deep insights into guns and laws. You guys just gave Colion Noir enough material to do an actual video series on it.

  • DerekDanielDurbin
    DerekDanielDurbin For 4 md. siden

    You can lie on the background check but they call the FBI and they confirm your answers. Don’t use this platform to spread misinformation. I’ve seen people get turned down for guns at the shop all the time. Come on dude

  • Valkyrie1911
    Valkyrie1911 For 3 md. siden

    Also, you definitely have to aim a shotgun.

  • Rob Donaldson
    Rob Donaldson For 3 md. siden

    Damn Joe, at least have someone that knows what the Hell he is talking about when it comes to Gun Laws and Gun Rights.

  • J
    J For 3 md. siden

    This guy is clueless when it comes to gun laws and guns in general.

  • ryan Godden
    ryan Godden For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    I can't believe Alonso has the audacity to insinuate other people are stupid. Most of what he said was wrong or said half arsed lacking detail lol.

  • SuperbLegend
    SuperbLegend For 3 md. siden

    Haven't ever bought a gun yet or talked to someone about getting one but i know that paper is just submitted with your info and to see if you lying. The logic ppl have.

  • Daniel Hoch
    Daniel Hoch For 4 md. siden

    There's more guns in Australia now then back then.

  • Jamie Evancich
    Jamie Evancich For 4 md. siden


  • Ams B4DaFunk
    Ams B4DaFunk For 3 md. siden


  • TheCrazyCanuck420
    TheCrazyCanuck420 For 4 md. siden

    Man it's been killing me trying to figure out who Alonzon sounds like and I finally got it. The doctor from the Simpsons!

  • Kevin
    Kevin For 3 md. siden

    So much misinformation about guns from Alonzo:

  • Michael Lochner
    Michael Lochner For 4 md. siden

    He's so wrong on gun laws. 🤦‍♂️

  • RustyKnight1217
    RustyKnight1217 For 3 md. siden

    It's annoying when people who don't really understand guns, laws and procedures discuss these things...ugh.

  • Tobi Yarbrough
    Tobi Yarbrough For 4 md. siden

    gun license the same as car license? do we have a 2nd amendment right to keep and bare cars?

  • Sean P
    Sean P For 4 md. siden

    Lmao ppl in California saying Florida isn't like the rest of America. Lolok

    MICHAEL TRAVIS For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    VA gun shows you have to go through background check to buy a gun, ID and fillout documents/forms. People who sell guns there are basically gun stores that take their merchandise to the gun show once every few months.

  • Akua Mensah
    Akua Mensah For 4 md. siden

    “Open up the idea of Globalization”??? Sorry Alonzo you’re about 30yrs behind schedule with that one.

  • Michael Ochoa
    Michael Ochoa For 3 md. siden

    Geez I can’t believe the amount of people that think like these two idiots.

  • Daniel Hoch
    Daniel Hoch For 4 md. siden

    Gun shows every booth owner is a gun store you need ID.