Joe Rogan Experience #1458 - Chris D'Elia Last ned

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  • 15. apr. 2020

  • Chris D’Elia is an actor, writer, and comedian. His new special “No Pain” is now streaming on Netflix and his podcast called “Congratulations” available on Apple Podcasts. @Chris D'Elia


  • Pohaku
    Pohaku For 3 md. siden

    Who’s here after you know what

  • s 9
    s 9 For 3 md. siden

    The silly goose times were good while they lasted.

  • Sung Ha
    Sung Ha For 3 md. siden

    Chris D'Elia's next interview will be with Chris Hansen.

  • Shannon
    Shannon For 3 md. siden

    "Jamie, pull up that video...and delete it"

  • Jacob is unemployed
    Jacob is unemployed For 5 md. siden

    Chris D'elia looks like a retired werewolf

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd For 4 md. siden

    Chris looks like a bootleg John Wick

  • Kunal Anand
    Kunal Anand For 4 md. siden

    Rest of the World: "I weigh 68 kg"

  • Alice
    Alice For 2 uker siden

    Kinda weird that this episode isn't available on Spotify...

  • Trivial Freedom
    Trivial Freedom For 4 md. siden

    Joe “I don’t have an assistant”

  • 724
    724 For 5 md. siden

    It’s so funny how Joe always glances over at Jamie when he says a joke. If Jamie doesn’t laugh he gets 5 lashes after the show.

  • Abraham Rodriguez Pineda
    Abraham Rodriguez Pineda For 3 md. siden

    Joe should get him back on to explain himself

  • Ed Carcosa
    Ed Carcosa For 3 md. siden

    Pity, D’elia was about to be announced as Biden’s VP

  • CineCool Video
    CineCool Video For 2 uker siden

    Chris "missing from the Spotify library" D'Elia.

  • T. Stamp
    T. Stamp For 3 md. siden

    New comments after today are boutta be crazy

  • Mexican Martial Arts
    Mexican Martial Arts For 5 md. siden

    I was going to make a joke about Chris looking young but he actually looks kind of old.

  • Big Kahuna
    Big Kahuna For 3 md. siden

    Joe “Jamie pull that Tweet up of Chris D’Elia” Rogan

  • jdv213
    jdv213 For 4 md. siden

    when brian got there, it made it the best comedic podcast Joe has done in a WHILE

  • Janzer
    Janzer For 4 md. siden

    the sexual tension between bryan and chris is thick

  • ayden armstrong
    ayden armstrong For 3 md. siden

    Who’s here after seeing Chris trending on twitter?🤣

  • Brian Triantafilou
    Brian Triantafilou For 5 md. siden

    Chris looks like he's about to explode into a thousand bats