Joe Rogan Experience #1276 - Ben Shapiro Last ned

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  • Strømmet direkte 3. apr. 2019

  • Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. His new book "The Right Side Of History" is available now everywhere.


  • dakota of earth
    dakota of earth For 1 år siden

    "i've seen what happens to stock prices when people smoke pot in this studio"

  • T R
    T R For 3 md. siden

    Ben’s girlfriend: “I love you so much Ben”

  • Xfjeej Blyd
    Xfjeej Blyd For 4 md. siden

    Difficult to hate this guy when he is so reasonable. Sorry lefties, i failed.

  • David Anstead
    David Anstead For 4 md. siden

    Time to bring him back on ... would be a great show right now

  • Jason Galipeau
    Jason Galipeau For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    Ben: discussing literally anything else

  • MindSmash
    MindSmash For 1 år siden

    I don’t agree with everything Ben says, but I absolutely respect and appreciate him. The fact you can question his religion and not once does he feel attacked. He’s just calm, and reasonable throughout. That’s amazing. I wish everyone was like this about everything, including me sometimes.

  • Jizm Jackson
    Jizm Jackson For 3 md. siden

    Ben Shapiro has the white person voice that all black comedians imitate.

  • Travis Younggren
    Travis Younggren For 4 md. siden

    Ben is actually kind of charming isn't he? Came away from this with a whole new opinion of the guy. He's not mean or cruel at all. If anything, the ideas he lays out all seem to come from a place of deep compassion. It's too bad people can't recognize that by not placating folks, he's really treating his audience with the utmost respect.

  • Debra Carter
    Debra Carter For 4 md. siden

    With everything going on these days...I needed to give this episode another listen. So comforting hearing healthy discourse.

  • Playa 3
    Playa 3 For 3 md. siden

    I personally agree with some of Joe's ideology and some of Ben's. I generally don't watch Ben Shapiro, but I genuinely liked this video where two men disagreed with some of their beliefs and were able to have a normal conversation as decent human beings.

  • Richard Charging Cloud
    Richard Charging Cloud For 1 år siden

    Legend has it, ben can win an argument with his wife.

  • Michael Gilligan
    Michael Gilligan For 4 md. siden

    Ben Shapiro is the verbal equivalent of when the teacher would remove the sheet off of the projector before you could copy it down.

  • Harry
    Harry For 4 md. siden

    The world is lucky to have such an open-minded talk show host like Joe Rogan.

  • Sushi Lover
    Sushi Lover For 4 md. siden

    i want to see Ben shapiro talk to Elon musk

  • Yllow Afryca
    Yllow Afryca For 4 md. siden

    How do I hire this person to argue with my girl?

  • Nikhil Raj Gupta
    Nikhil Raj Gupta For 4 md. siden

    Joe: take drug or alcohol

  • Short Strawman Productions
    Short Strawman Productions For 3 md. siden

    I don’t agree with Shapiro on a lot

  • Genesis Ansbro
    Genesis Ansbro For 3 md. siden

    Heck yea, people are so ungrateful to live in “today” we are so lucky to live today

  • Doubleaa500
    Doubleaa500 For 4 md. siden

    Watching this when its extra relevant in June 2020

  • FAW
    FAW For 1 år siden

    This podcast is like watching a tortoise talking to an energizer bunny