Joe Rogan Experience #1070 - Jordan Peterson Last ned

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  • Strømmet direkte 30. jan. 2018

  • Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. All Dr. Peterson’s self-improvement writing programs at 20% off for Rogan listeners. Code: ROGAN


  • MrS0ftie
    MrS0ftie For 10 md. siden

    what an intelligent, articulate, kind man. no wonder people hate him.

  • Jousty Birdington
    Jousty Birdington For 2 md. siden

    The worst part about interviews with Jordan Peterson is that they eventually end.

  • jakedizzle
    jakedizzle For 3 md. siden

    I miss him. Glad he's doing better. We need him now more than ever.

  • Clinton Traywick
    Clinton Traywick For 1 md. siden

    “Look at Venezuela, everyone has an equal opportunity to starve to death.” Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Fernando Dobbin
    Fernando Dobbin For 1 md. siden

    I hope this man will be remembered as one of the greatest minds of the 21st century.

  • Why should Ser Gregor turn brigand?

    My only problem with Jordan Peterson is that I don't remember everything he says

  • Katrina's Unboxing
    Katrina's Unboxing For 2 md. siden

    He is villinized by people who dont like the truth.

  • Colbeans Ontoast
    Colbeans Ontoast For 1 md. siden

    Jordan Peterson is targeted because his arguments are successful.

  • M. S.
    M. S. For 2 md. siden

    Peterson is always referred to as “controversial” yet if you listen to him speak, you will find no evidence of controversy. He uses data and research to back his points of view. In what way is that controversial?

  • Sam Albert
    Sam Albert For 2 md. siden

    “HR is a breeding ground for monsters” - Jordan Peterson

  • Darren Meacham
    Darren Meacham For 2 år siden

    Jordan Peterson called me on the phone last August.

  • My Human Experience
    My Human Experience For 1 md. siden

    “They don’t know the literature.”

  • JJ Aye
    JJ Aye For 2 md. siden

    I'm left of centre, always will be and I'm a fan of Mr Peterson and people like him. He tells it like it is.

  • Michael Albis
    Michael Albis For 3 uker siden

    "You dont get to be oppressor and the oppressed at the same time"... this quote is very early into the discussion and was sort of glazed over but this is such a good point.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe For 2 md. siden

    Men and woman were never meant to compete but to compliment.

  • Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
    Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central For 2 år siden

    Great podcast, love Jordan Peterson.

  • Juan Castillo
    Juan Castillo For 1 md. siden

    I wonder who the 7.2k idiots that disliked this video are 😂

  • dougieladd
    dougieladd For 2 md. siden

    You need to get Jordan back on when he's back to health.

  • Jack Hanlon
    Jack Hanlon For 1 md. siden

    I'm so glad joe opened with the so what you're saying is 😂

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson For 1 md. siden

    Jordan Peterson is the enemy of a large group of people that were brain washed by a small group of people with an agenda. And he's in the way of that agenda.