JBL Everest Elite 750nc ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING Headphones - REVIEW Last ned

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  • 30. jul. 2017

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  • Project Gohan
    Project Gohan For 1 år siden

    Doesn't anybody else have a heart attack when he does this?

  • Malakizzy
    Malakizzy For 3 år siden

    This man deserves WAYY more viewers.

  • J.B. L
    J.B. L For 2 år siden

    Just because of that stress test you get a thumbs up man excellent review by the way

  • B Pecore
    B Pecore For 3 år siden

    The paint makes them look cheap like there shiny plastic

  • Dionyzos
    Dionyzos For 3 år siden

    I'm still waiting on a headphone with Bose's design and Sony's sound and features

  • Rens Winter
    Rens Winter For 3 år siden (redigert)

    The design is ugly as hell, makes me look like Jager from Rainbow six Siege

  • JimsReviewRoom
    JimsReviewRoom For 3 år siden

    TPS Reports.

  • Martin Vargas
    Martin Vargas For 3 år siden

    Do a review for Samsung Level U Pro ANC 😉

  • Fieldpigeon Gaming
    Fieldpigeon Gaming For 1 år siden

    I know I’m a little late but I love these I own a pair and for almost a year they’ve lasted me until just today they snapped at the seams next to the ear muffs. But apart from that their amazing.

  • Chris Muratalla
    Chris Muratalla For 3 år siden

    I really like the way you do you're review videos, like showing how good the Bluetooth with distance and walls.

  • Adrian Machado
    Adrian Machado For 3 år siden

    Can you please do a review on the JBL Everest 700 ?

  • George Mitchell
    George Mitchell For 3 år siden

    Great review Jim, thanks! I have the JBL Everst 700, and really like them. I tried on the JBL 750nc yesterday, and wow, they are so comfortable. Really nice. I can see wearing those for hours.

  • Shalen Maharaj
    Shalen Maharaj For 3 år siden

    Awesome video! Please can you review the Bang & Olufsen H9 ANC over the ear headphones. Love your objective critique. Ps Congratulations on your new office.

  • Kyore
    Kyore For 11 md. siden

    Walmart has these for $60 right now. Wanting audio technicas but the deal is too good.

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez For 3 år siden

    Hi, Jimmy, could you please make reviews from Projectors and Home Cinemas?

  • Bas M.
    Bas M. For 8 md. siden

    Thanks for the nice review, I do believe you should include something about the microphone when it's a feature.

  • Kirill Chokparov
    Kirill Chokparov For 3 år siden

    Absolutely great review! Thanks, man.

    JA BERTONE For 3 år siden

    Great review , I love those headphone stands can you provide a link please ?

  • Brent Porter
    Brent Porter For 2 år siden

    Hey man I was wondering if these still work great after 3 months? People on Amazon say sound goes out in one ear after 3 months

  • Aalok Galappatti
    Aalok Galappatti For 3 år siden

    It's insane how much detail you go into. Love it!